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‘Beauty lies in the onlooker’s eye’

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/11/2018 11:22:30 AM IST

 The biggest weakness we human face in this present world is lack of spiritual quotient. We as the top among the food chains has conquered almost every aspect of nature but still we remain invariant to the Mother Nature as if she allows us to play with her for some time and furnishes our desire to some extend and then with time destroys our advancement towards the fulfilment of our meagre desires.

The thing is that, our lust for materialism has planted within us  discrete thinking and thus our opinion differs towards the world, and our consciousness about our supremacy allows us to describe good and bad, beauty and ugly to our inferior surrounding, which is actually not the truth. And because of our judgemental attitude we give risk to ego, clashes, and in huge term we bring war.

“Beauty lies in the onlooker’s eye”. The statement is rich in every information about life and ourself. So simple it may look to us but it has profound dimension upon which the backbone of humanity is created. If we believe in the divinity of supreme we have the blessing to admit that there is Lord and we are his creation, than we will realize that everything in this earth is beautiful as they are created to serve certain purpose by the almighty. When he created everything, he was not touched by ego, anger I agreed as he is the unmanifested and his nature is not contaminated with material nature. So we call him, Lord of all senses as he do justice to even the ants and at the same time to the beasts that crawls in the dust of the earth.

And we are blessed by many of his personality, i.e. we can express ourself, we can serve the nature, we can also rule the nature, we can kill and we can save. The power of attorney is given to us, but due to lack of spiritual quotient and contamination by materialistic urge we fail to realize the eternal capacity of our soul, which dwells I every creature whether, human or hogs, each has the same soul which is eternal and infinite, dimensionless and concentrated to zero senses. And our senses are just the mirrors that blocks the eternal view of the earth by hiding our soul from mind. Once we are able to channelize our senses upto the soul we will find everything beautiful, we can then see that happiness and distress are same and one should be indifferent to them as they are just like changing of season, we will then learn this truth that beauty is just a concept that depends upon our view of the universe and has nothing to do with reality. Those, whose heart is divinity connected will see no difference between good and evil neither participate to be good or evil in the material earth, because beauty is actually n the eye of onlookers. So our senses should be non-discriminating, non-judgemental towards others but it is not that we should commit sin and take it equal to goodness as we should judge ourself with sincerity. If we can do this then there is a way that upto some extent we will realize the precious meaning hidden in these statement, “Beauty lies in the onlooker’s eye”.

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