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A Developing Nation and The Developers

25 Jun. 2012 12:24 PM IST

What more can we say about our great India? An overpopulated, evergrowing country rich in different cultures, traditions, races, religions and what not! We have a lot to boast about and yet still more to be ashamed of. Forgetting the dirt, the slums, the beggars, the corruption and the infinite number of unwanted social activities one thing we really should be ashamed of ourselves is our lack of respect which leads to disunity. It is a known fact that every state has an unhealthy pride in itself, looking down on the others. Well, each of the states is good for a peculiar reason and at the same time has its own shortcomings but we fail to see the fine line between being proud of ourselves and being irrationally conceited. Wherever I go in India, I hear people speaking about the good things they have and they ask me what Nagaland has. I, for one, am one to brag so I exaggerate the beauty of the hills, the hospitality of the people and so many other things which might not be true. Not saying we are worthless but if we really look into ourselves, we have nothing great to talk about. If we look at the hills and mountains, Kashmir, Sikkim, Shimla, etc. have got better mountains than us. We are great in music but so is Mizoram and Meghalaya. Let me not even mention our film industry. Look at the roads, streets, shops and houses, we must know how much we are lagging behind. I don't mean to be pessimistic but we really need to open our eyes and see what we really have and what we don't. We ridicule people from other states, we think we are better than them. We think we belong to a higher order of human beings but hello! They think the same about us. They look down on us just like the way we look down on them. At a nation wide level, we are divided into three groups: The North Indians The South Indians and The North East. All of us know how much we hate each other. We all have our reasons to be proud of but this very pride is blocking us from respecting each other. Without respect there can be no unity. Without unity, progress is unimaginable. Instead of being there for each other as one, we are competing against ourselves. While the rich get richer, the poor gets poorer and so even if there's development there is still poverty. We talk about the world's richest men being from India but look at our country. Are there not millions dying of hunger. What use is their money in the development of the nation. We are trying to move forward but we drag the past along with us. We fail to learn from history. Since the rule of ancient Maharajas we have been perpetually at war and this warfare has not ended except for using weapons and killing each other. Break the three groups into individual states, we are still fighting. Now let us look into an individual state, we still have indifferences! Wonderful! How are we supposed to walk towards a better future when there is so much indifferences among ourselves. Take our very own Nagaland for instance, we are still struggling with tribalism and not to mention talks of partition going on. This is crazy, we are really crazy. I thank God so much for making Nagaland a Christian State. I believe it is the only thread holding the different tribes of Nagaland together. Now don't you deny the fact that we dislike each other's traditions a lot. Not all of us are the same but that's the general notion. There is a fine line between making jokes out of tribal differences and tribalism. We must be very careful not to cross that. Now, let me go out of Nagaland and look at it from afar. It looks crazy because there is little unity among us..Suppose I fly higher and view India from an international level. True, we are far better than some countries but we could have been better than what we are today. Taking Germany as an example. In the past it was also a number of small kingdoms forever at war but look at it now. They're so united and look at how much they have progressed. We really need to stop stereotyping each other and learn to respect and love each other. We need to come out of our box and view the world from a larger perspective. We have a hard time living in other states because of discrimination but don't we do the same to other people in our state? It's true we are not that cruel by nature and so others are somewhat comfortable in our land compared to how we are treated outside but it's high time all of this stopped. We are acting like little kids giving in to our whims and fancies. We cannot expect ourselves to change suddenly but we nees to work it out. And as it is said, we need ti start at the grass level. We need to start at homr. Let us learn to respect each other. Ler us try to unite ourselves as one and work together for a better future.

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Posted by: openid | Nov 6 2012 4:45PM
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