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The Miracle Day

I believe i am carried in safety everyday.
17 Oct. 2013 2:02 PM IST

August 20, 2013: The Miracle Day As cheesy as the name sounds, it indeed was a miracle day for me. Every day is a miracle day for me but I don’t usually know it. However this particular summer day, God chose to show me just what kind of miracle happens everyday in our lives and we are not aware of them in our natural and scientific world. It’s a hot day in Nagaland University Lumami campus just like in Dimapur. Wrapped up some notes in the library and went to the bus stand. If I did not board the bus by 2:30pm I would not get any good seat near the window. So I boarded the bus and to my dismay only the “choir bench” was available. Nobody wants to sit in the “choir bench” of the bus if especially you are travelling from Lumami to Mokokchung. Its like getting used to sitting in a roller coaster everyday to college. So I sat down at the last and the right corner-most window seat. And I had an empty seat right next to me. The bus was stationary at that moment and so it was quite stuffy inside. I popped my head out the window for a while to catch some cool breeze. I got lost in the moment. I felt the start of the engine below me and let the rumbling relax me. Out of plain habit, I started praying as we moved out. I still do not know if it is a good thing to be praying out of habit. I prayed, “Dear God, I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over me right now. Please protect me during this one hour journey back home. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.” Then Wham! Yeah you read it right. Wham! And then Screech! You see, our gate was narrow and the bus was long and the road went up to a sharp left turn right from the gate. You know what would happen. Yes the end of the bus hit the gatepost. The very end where I was sitting. The very window where I had my head out. It all happened so fast. There were screams. The window frame was broken. There were damaged debris all over me. But not a single scratch on me. I did not realize I had moved from my seat to the empty seat next to me. Now let me tell you I do not have Spiderman’s reflexes. I wish I did. But my reflex is quite on the average. My co passengers must have wondered, “Wow she is fast! As lightning!” But no. That was not me. My dear friends, I am telling you again there was an empty seat right next to me and I do not know about other days but so far I had never sat on a bus back home with empty seats. That day, it was empty for a reason. Someone was seated there in advance. Someone in the supernatural realm who knew I was stupid enough to put my head out a moving vehicle. Someone who knew what was gonna happen. Someone who knows all things, who sees all things even before anyone of them comes to be. I still do not believe I moved from one seat to the next in what seemed to me a millisecond. But I know it. I know Someone pulled me back from the window to safety. I cannot explain it. But I know it. Only after the accident, another passenger who was waiting at the gate boarded the bus and sat next to me. If it had not been for the Blood of Jesus applied on me by faith, (remember I had my eyes closed and i did not know we were going to crash?) my head could have been squashed to putty that day. I would have gone from full moon to half moon. I would have become like Voldemort- noseless, faceless. But praise be to God who sends His angels incharge of us to protect us everyday! Psalm 91: 9-11. I am still full moon, beaming and chilling under God’s mighty wings. Friends, God knew what would happen even before I prayed. But He helped me and protected me because I prayed. Please do not underestimate the power of your prayer. I shared about this incident the very same evening in the 100 days revival organised by Sinai ministry in Mokokchung. Like I shared with them, I am sharing this miracle with you readers. Our God is all powerful but He is POWERLESS to help us if there is no connection called prayer between us and God. When we are in trouble and there is no prayer-way for Him to help us, He is the one whose heart breaks the most. The power of prayer is not only for pastors or missionaries or those prayer people whom you call prayer warriors. God wants us all to be prayer warriors. The King of kings is dying to hear from us His creation. Let us not stop talking to God. Let us not give up praying, for you will only go as far as your prayers go. By the way, I had been praying to God to give me some ideas to write an article for my blog in Nagaland Post website- An article that would bless readers. Who knew God could answer many prayers by one act? P.S- Never put your head out the window in a moving vehicle. - Imlibenla Mongro

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Posted by: openid | Dec 3 2013 10:13AM
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