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this is how the Animals Party......... ALIEN GODS!!
22 Jul. 2011 10:13 PM IST

DATE: JUNE 10TH 2011




            After months of anticipation and overcomingobstacles thrown at the organizers by certain underground factions and narrowminded farts the show finally got the green signal. Finally, a chance forblack/death metal in Nagaland. Yes, you read it right….the first black metalperformance in Nagaland. It will be worth mentioning here that Nagaland has anever ending supply of contemporary /progressive metal bands but not a classicdeath metal band, one of the many reasons why we wanted this show besides allthe bull crap that we had to face to put up the show.            Finally the stage was set; the day has come for the Godsto unleash their furry with their blend of skull crushing   guitar riffs, brutal vocals and mayhem thatthey’ve been known for since they started as a band. we waited patiently forwhat was to unfold later in the evening.

Cambyses,a relatively new progressive metal band from Dimapur, started theproceedings with their original “Faded hopes”, for what seemed to be apromising opening act; their inexperience gave in half way through their set.But in spite of the few technical glitches and minor “adjustments” here andthere they finished off their set with another original “wicked valentine”which turned out to be a crowd riser. A very strong performance by a bunch ofhigh school kids I thought. (Yes they’re all still in school).

            DarkestSide revealed were up next, started their set with their version of “HOLYDIVER”. Yes………  THE Holy Diver!!!! I’mtotally with the guys who say “power metal is dead”. I’ve heard that 20yrs back,I don’t want to hear it again.

            Melodramacame in with style, with them the crowd decided to turn up their volume. It isamazing to see how the band has grown in such limited time and exposure. Iwasn’t surprised to see the female fans screaming their guts out for the band.they deserved it. With their brand of Nu-melodic metal they had the crowd ontheir feet. Ego technology, metal comic and Melodrama were the crowd’s fav.They experimented with only one guitars this time and it paid off well forthem, watching Among going solos on his Gibson Les Paul was a treat. The onlything that was missing was Nungsang without his trade mark megaphone.

            AlienGods came on to loud cheers as they launched into a brutal furious set.With the intensity that Olik “God Shredder” brings with him on stage…… it wastime for some kick ass head banging and the crowd loved it.  It was also their first show with their newline up after they roped in Donni (guitars) and Tenzin (bass) from church ofBlood. Raju’s riffs reminded me of Pantera and DBD!!and the heart poundingdrums only added the pleasure of wanting more. They ended their set with‘Animal Party” and the crowd were left asking for more. The show came to aclose, and with that a promise that that only bigger and better things awaitsthese amazing bands. SALUT!!! \m/

(My first attempt reviewing a gig...... hope you  like it)

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Posted by: aben mongro | Jul 28 2011 2:08PM
nice review akang!! i didnt think i would enjoy such kind of music. i attended because you were putting up the show. but even if i dont agree to every beat of their music i admire the dedication that they showed while performing. it was almost like it was a sacred thing for them and that was the beauty if it all. i think we should all give our best in what we believe in. but what we believe in should also not harm anyone. one thing I''ll tell you though, the ringing in my ear went on for days and i thought i was going mad!! hehe! hats off to you for the good show organized and to the "gods" for their groundbreaking performance! \m/
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