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when i nearly became Cat Woman!!

28 Jul. 2011 1:43 PM IST

    I once had a cat. I got it as a gift from a friend of mine. It was brought home as a grey little timid kitten. I actually always wanted a black cat. But who cares? A cat’s a cat. So I was really excited about having a pet cat. I would feed it time and again- a little milk, dried fish, rice with milk. It was still on its mother’s milk when my friend brought the kitten home. Naturally I was apprehensive as to how to care for its diet. Was I starving it? Was I feeding it the wrong food? Was I caring for it enough? Was I smothering it?
    Anyway the cat, it was a he. He returned the affections and attention I was showering him. I don’t know how but whenever I came back from class I always found him at the bottom the stairs as if waiting for me. He would brush himself on my legs trying to catch up to my stride as I climbed up the stairs, tiresome after college. He never left my side. While watching TV or studying he would clamber across my lap and just sit there quietly. My bed was not off limits to him either. I would wake up in the middle of the night to find him curled up near my feet and most times he would be snuggled up on my neck purring away to his heart’s content. By the way, let me remind you again that I am talking about a pet cat here. Anyway he would wake me up in the morning by walking across my face like it was the steadiest ground. I loved that cat so much and he loved me. By the end of the year it had grown up into a large cat.
    One morning I was getting late for my class. My uniform needed ironing, my breakfast wasn’t going to get prepared by itself, nobody was home. I kept hoping it was only a bad Monday morning dream. I was running, no, zapping in and out between the kitchen and my bedroom. My dearest cat was faithfully following me everywhere. My mind was going places- to the boiling tea, to the honors class I was getting late for, to my half done make up, to the shrill ringing of my phone from my friend probably wanting to know why I’m not in the college yet. And I stepped on his paw. 54 kgs on a tiny few gram weighing paw. It all happened so fast. The moment I stepped on his paw his teeth or fang, whatever it is called, came goring down on my feet. I screamed in pain, in shock and weirdly in apology. He ran off. I don’t know where.
    The first thing that crossed my mind was, ‘am I going to become Cat Woman? LOL. I just got bitten by a cat and I am bleeding! I can see a tiny hole where his fang had been.’ Then a voice at the back of my head said, ‘snap out of it cat woman! A person doesn’t become dog man if a dog bites him. Duh.’ Rabies! OMG! I started panicking! I didn’t know if cats had rabies. I called up my aunt nurse and quickly told her about it. She asked me to wash the wound in running water which I did. As I sat down and went about massaging my “smitten” foot, the cat appeared from the doorway. He stylishly walked toward me and began to brush himself on my legs and purr as if to say he was sorry that he bit me. I was so overwhelmed I forgot the pain, I forgot he bit me. I picked him up and held him and we were friends again. All forgiven and forgotten.
    I was so blessed that day. You wonder why. I realized how much God loves us and wants to forgive us every time we do something wrong. You see, we are all just like the cat. We don’t mean to but we tend to hurt our Father, our Caretaker, and our Friend. The cat bit me because it was inborn and inbuilt in him to attack anything that tried to harm him. I didn’t mean to harm him but how would he know that, right? It’s in his nature to fight back. At that moment he forgot who I was. He forgot that I was his friend and master and caretaker. He just bit me. He was blinded by the pain on his paw.
    We are born sinners and no matter how close we are to God we sometimes mess up. It’s in our nature to sin. But what matters is whether we are humble enough to admit we are wrong and say sorry to our God the father and to those we have wronged. If I, a sinner could easily forgive and forget that my own cat bit me to the point of bleeding just because he seemed apologetic, how much more will our God, the God of love who sent His only son to die for our sins, be ever glad to forgive and forget whenever we hurt Him, once we confess that what we did was wrong?
    We are more than cats or animals to Him. "what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?" We are His children.

1 John 1:9- “if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”

P.S- I never became CatWoman by the way.LOL!

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Posted by: broke | Aug 4 2011 2:54PM
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Posted by: Ashi Pongener | Mar 22 2012 1:14AM
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