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AM I DEAD YET (All good things must come to an end-3)

25 Aug. 2011 5:29 PM IST

BEEP! BEEP!! BEEP!!!. I slammed the alarm clock, it was 4:00 in the morning. Did i mention that mom makes us get up early? like really early!.
"I hate this alarm clock" it was a really tiring day for all of us yesterday but we still had a lot of unpacking to do. " Hey! wanna have a round of paintball? double or nothing."
Speak of the devil! it was Mr. show off/Mr. perfect all ready to beat me at paintball early in the morning!! "Alex its 4 in the morning. I'm not doing anything before breakfast" i was so tired but Alex insisted
"C'mon! I'll go easy on you" he grabbed me by my arm and dragged me. "Hey! let go i said no alright!" i tried to pull my arm free from him but he had an iron grip on me. While i was trying to get my arm free from Alex i saw something outside....
something that made me freeze... i saw Alex, but not inside my room... he was outside helping mom. When i turned around i saw someone else.... it wasn't Alex holding my hand it was the same person i saw yesterday. This time i saw it up was a little girl
but this...'thing' had no face at all.... all i saw were hollow bleeding sockets and nothing else... the blood kept gushing out of her hollow sockets. Those hollow eye sockets stared at me and it came closer towards me.......
I woke up kicking and screaming.My parents came rushing inside the room, "Matt what happened!! are you okay?" my dad seemed to be very worried and as for my mom she was also pretty shaken, well its not like everyone wakes up screaming so loud early in the morning.
"Its okay honey it was just a dream" my mom told me. I tried to get that nightmare out of my head and i went looking for Alex in his room. But i couldn't find Alex in his room or anywhere in the house, "Mom do you know where Alex is? i can't find him anywhere".
"Mom??" i saw dad downstairs, "Dad have you seen Alex?" Dad looked busy with his stuff but he told me, " he must be somewhere Matt just keep looki-" my conversation with dad was interrupted by moms terrified scream. Dad rushed outside to see what had happened,
"MY GOD! call an ambulance!!" i came out of the house to see what had happened. What i saw next was the most horrifying thing that i ever saw... i saw...... him. I saw Alex lying on the ground lifeless... with his eyes gouged out and deep violent cuts on both his arms, the ground was stained by his blood...
It took five minutes for the police and the ambulance to get to our house. I had never seen my mom cry as much as she did today, dad was always the strong one but even he couldn't bear to lose Alex. Five hours later police reported that Alex died due to excessive bleeding, the funeral was arranged the next day and a lot of people from the family came. Little did i know that we had an uninvited guest in our midst that day. As i looked towards Alex's coffin i saw it, i saw her. The little girl was standing next to the coffin but after a few people passed by she was gone. That night I struggled to deny the fact that my dream and the death of Alex were related but i knew the truth.... i knew that my brother was killed.... not by someone....he was killed by something......

To be continued.....
(next up - You can run but you can't hide)

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Nathanael Ayeh
8/22/2011 9:21:47 PM