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AM I DEAD YET. THE FINAL CHAPTER- You can run but you can't hide

4 Sep. 2011 12:20 AM IST

Eight months, thirteen days and fifteen hours since the incident at San Diego. Somehow my parents managed to get past Alex's death and sort of moved on. There's  only one loose end left now... ME... and i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.
Even after all these months i still remember everything crystal clear, the blood staining the ground..., the cuts...and the girl and even after all these months i couldn't escape it at all because wherever i went, it could find me.
Every night i couldn't sleep in peace, i always thought that it would try to kill me in my sleep because whenever i did close my eyes i had a strange feeling that it was staring at me just waiting to kill me but as soon as i opened my eyes
i saw nothing.....nothing but the furniture in my room. Tonight was no different i didn't feel safe and i REALLY didn't want to end up like my brother... dead.
While having dinner everyone seemed to be quiet, actually after Alex died every dinner was a quiet one spoke a word not even dad. After dinner i wished my parents goodnight and tried to get some sleep but i couldn't knowing that it could come and kill me anytime it wanted to...
three hours just passed by and i still couldn't sleep but after a few minutes i heard something...something very familiar... NO i wished it wasn't what i thought it was! the same sound i had heard eight months back, those breathes coming closer and closer until i could finally feel them
on the back of my neck.
I just wanted it to go away, i just i wanted everything to be okay but nothing was okay...and with a great amount of effort i managed to turn around. What i saw next made me scream loud enough to wake up the whole neighborhood. It was right next to me, face to face with its hollow eyes and blood....this time i was so close that i could almost feel the blood..
Sure enough my parents heard me. They came right into my room and Dad asked, "what in the world is wrong Matt??!" i looked around but the girl was nowhere to be found. After what happened tonight my dad decided to get me some help, first thing in the morning he wanted me to get me some help. He took me to a psychiatrist and it wasn't something i could go against considering that i could be crazy, its not like you see a dead girls everyday right?. After we got to the psychiatrist we started the therapy session right away but i really couldn't pay attention to what the psychiatrist was saying because i was looking around looking if she was in here. The fact that she could be anywhere scared me even more. i couldn't see her anywhere in the room. A felt a wave of relief...for a moment. She was standing right ahead of me,  she took slow steps towards me but the psychiatrist didn't seem to notice. i ran out of the room and told my dad that the session was over and we went home.
I started packing right after in got home because right now i had only two options ; Run away as far as i can before mom or dad get involved an get killed or i could kill my self and put an end to all my fears...yeah i couldn't do the second one. After i finished packing i sneaked out and i ran... i ran as far as my legs could carry me and then i suddenly stopped. I came across a house across the street that looked a lot like the house my parents got in San Diego and for some weird reason i felt drawn towards it. Before i even realized it i was in the living room of the house, "make yourself at home" i searched the room to see who it was. Its was her, it was the girl but this time she looked normal. No hollow eyes, no blood dripping out...just a normal face.
even thought she looked less scary now i was still scared because whatever happened to Alex was going to happen to me.
" Are you going to kill me now?" i said in a very shaky voice, "what do you mean? i just want some gratitude" she replied in an innocent yet scary voice. " I did give you what you wanted didn't i? a thank you will be just fine" she said staring at me, "W-what do you mean" i couldn't talk without stuttering, now that she was getting closer to me. " You wanted to get rid your brother so badly that you wanted him dead didn't you? so i simply gave you what you wanted, i killed him for you"..........
Those last words of hers hit me like a bullet, i was frustrated, scared and about to break down in tears..... i was extremely furious at myself. i was WRONG! wrong from the very beginning!, it wasn't something that killed Alex, it was someone.....i killed Alex, it was all because of me.... now all i had left was the guilt.
"You never even thanked me for getting rid of your brother and i don't like impolite people.....not even one bit" she said in the same scary innocent tone. Now she was right in front of me, the lights in the house started flickering and she looked like her old self again... hollow eyes and blood dripping out... the lights flickered once more and then it became completely dark.....her cold hands sinking deep into my eyes was the last thing i ever felt.....

                                         THE END

    This story is under the copyright law, All rights reserved.

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Nathanael Ayeh
8/22/2011 9:21:47 PM