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Virtual Celebrities and Ordinary Fans

10 Dec. 2011 1:42 PM IST

I would be lying if I say that I am not hooked to the internet.
We live in a generation where all youngsters have become virtual celebrities and that life is getting the better of us. Not only has it given us a sense of unhealthy narcissism but it is taking us apart from the real world.

I love Facebook, I love twitter, I love Yahoo, I love Google and what not. It  has become an integral part of my life that life without internet has become unimaginable. My craze for apps has only aggravated the situation as i spend hours downloading all the apps available not sure what I actually want. I follow news and updates on the latest software available and then download them though after installation I rarely use them. I had become a virtual thief on a constant lookout for serials and cracks. A pirate with an abyssal hunger for apps.

Like me, there are a lot of our own people on the rise with hunger for fame and popularity. Though I never had the chance of being the popular one on Facebook but I had the privilege of mingling with them and shared their glory for once in my boring life! What an exciting world it is...
You have thousands of friends out of which you barely contact 50. Now ask me what purpose the rest thousands serve you. Based on my perception, my obstinate reply would be that there is a network which automatically likes and posts diabetically sweet comments on each and every status or photo you update and upload no matter how nonsensical or meaningless it may seem.
Why would anyone like or post nice comments it they not worthy of it at all?Well, the thing is each and every one from the thousands are only doing so in order to receive the same. Talk about the echo story.

I am not against anyone. I am not against updating status, I am not against uploading pics, I am not against giving nice comments but I am against they way we are creating a false world for ourselves in which all of us think that we are the happening ones and the others are your fans. This is just not true.Read again, everyone of us thinks so. So, that makes us all the same. No one is nobody's fan.

What harm is our virtual life causing to our real self?
Well it is obvious! The false world is getting the better of us. We no longer have the patience to bear the happenings of our real life. We end up spending most of our time in a place where we have made ourselves known to one and all.They good times that you spend with a couple of friends seems incomplete without the event being posted to Facebook. Photos taken are not taken if it hasn't been uploaded to Facebook. There is so much more to real life than just having it made known to everyone.

I in my clearest of visions don't see why anyone would be interested in seeing someone else's morning face, noon face, afternoon face, evening face, night face, midnight face, angry face, sleepy face, feeling-cold-face,feeling-hot-face, or any of those personal faces which some people do not know any end in uploading those. I have no trouble with it but it does seem there is some kind of trouble with all of us. I presume these silly pictures got a thousand likes and comments which made the owner feel good and so was encouraged to upload nanosecond by nanosecond self shot photos with no known end. At the same time i highly suspect that person to return his/her favor by liking and commenting on the others' nonsensical and not so nonsensical posts and updates.
What does that give?
Each and everyone from the thousands get thousands of likes and diabetic comments resulting in a tide of pride washing over each and everyone of them. This results in a rapid growth of these activities where more and more people are taken into.

This has been a negative influence on us because we have started to think of ourselves as the popular and happening ones. When somebody is indifferent to you, you would have let it go in the past but now you would start thinking"Who the hell are you to ignore me?" Then you immediately post your anger on Facebook where everyone rushes to bow down to your feet and give you their concern.

You may not say it or may not even be aware but such is the case these days.Everyone is becoming proud and haughty. Youngsters lack patience and interest.
There is a rise in the usage of abusive terms and language. Children become more distant to their family as they spend more time nurturing their virtual life. Holidays were meant for enjoying our freedom but now freedom has become synonymous with internet. For some, the Bible has been replaced by Facebook, it has become easier to 'share' all your worries, joys, troubles and any other personal feelings on Facebook than to simply pray, reading others' posts and heeding to their advice has become more convenient than reading the Scriptures.

We surely are not headed the right direction. While Facebook is not to blame,the way we use it needs some check.
Who am I to say all this? I am just a concerned citizen showing his concern out of Facebook. :-D

Happy browsing!!!


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