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20 Mar. 2017 11:10 PM IST

The trouble with China’s new found wealth and middle class is that they are not only eating every animal and fish in their ow...

13 Mar. 2017 11:10 PM IST

Most people who follow a religion never read its holy books. They simply follow social customs that pretend to be part of the reli...

28 Feb. 2017 12:01 AM IST

In the “modern” slaughterhouses in this country, live cattle, pigs and chickens are hung upside down by one leg, breaking the pelv...

6 Feb. 2017 11:16 PM IST

The rich have more of everything. And that includes insects as well!
A recent study done by entomologists, from t...

23 Jan. 2017 10:16 PM IST

Why do people eat certain animals and keep others as pets? Very often because they think that the animals they eat are not se...

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