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22 May. 2017 11:24 PM IST

In 1930, Dr. Pottenger conducted a study to find out more about the effects of raw versus cooked meat, as well as raw versus ...

9 May. 2017 12:03 AM IST

One of the reasons I don’t eat sweets is because, over the years, I have discovered that most of them have gelatine in them. ...

2 May. 2017 12:16 AM IST

Mimicry, by changing form, shape and colour on the spot, is unique to animals. Imagine if you went into a Chinese, or African...

11 Apr. 2017 12:15 AM IST

The White Revolution was launched in 1970, with a view to making India milk sufficient. It made India into the world’s larges...

4 Apr. 2017 12:26 AM IST

Not so long ago, the 16th century philosopher, Rene Descartes described animals as red-blooded machines without thoughts or w...

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