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20 Nov. 2017 11:23 PM IST

In a country like India, it is odd that we should have so many couples going to doctors complaining about their inability to ...

13 Nov. 2017 11:57 PM IST

A girl who owned two dogs had suddenly to go to her village. She left the dogs with a girl who ran a dog boarding house and p...

7 Nov. 2017 12:03 AM IST

Is the chicken you get in commercial large scale food vendors, in products like sandwiches, chicken? Perhaps not.

24 Oct. 2017 1:10 AM IST

The most important animal in your life, no matter where you are, is the mosquito. Therefore, you should know the facts about ...

10 Oct. 2017 12:47 AM IST

Here are some common myths about animal behaviour:
Myth: Mother birds will reject their babies if they have been ...

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