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13 Oct. 2017 12:01 AM IST

At the outset, let’s ask: Who are the Nagas?  If the Naga people are to be believed as a Mongoloid race (which I believe...

6 Oct. 2017 12:54 AM IST

Is God governing the rulers of this world of ours? Is He shaping the destinies of nations, controlling the course of their go...

29 Sep. 2017 12:46 AM IST

In Nagaland, both committed Christians and the non-religious share one belief: Both view the institution of the state/governm...

15 Sep. 2017 12:52 AM IST

Revealing one’s personal feelings for public consumption comes with many risks. But in this article I’m allowing to open myse...

8 Sep. 2017 12:02 AM IST

Many people assume that the Bible is merely a religious book. Thus the Bible, according to them, has no relevance to matters ...

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