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Regular health check-ups important for everyone

Published on 23 Jan. 2016 11:51 PM IST
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A health check-up comprises of a series of tests that are designed to check if your health is on the right track. It is also aimed at detecting the hidden disease, preventing it from spreading, and reducing its effects on your body.
By undergoing regular health check-up, you can ensure a healthy life by improving your lifestyle and preventing your health from deteriorating.
Blood pressure screening: High blood pressure is one of risk factors for heart disorders. One should check his/ her blood pressure every 6 months. However, if you have any other health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart problems, then you should check your blood pressure more frequently.
Cholesterol check: High cholesterol has become one of the common health issues in India. The cholesterol level rises due to unhealthy lifestyle. It is also one of the risk factors for many health complications such as heart disease and diabetes. Everyone should get his/ her cholesterol level checked to avoid its complications.
Bone mineral density test: A bone mineral density test measures how much calcium and other minerals are in your bones. It can help detect osteoporosis and measure the risk of bone fractures. It is important for everyone to undergo the test to avoid complications that can develop due to less amount of minerals in the bones.
BMI assessment: A healthy BMI means a healthy body. The BMI range of 20-25 is considered healthy. Every individual should evaluate his/ her BMI to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.
ECG (Electrocardiogram): ECG is a medical test that can help you detect any heart abnormalities. A person should undergo the test every 2-5 years, depending on his/ her health and medical history.
Diabetes test: One can check the risk of diabetes by measuring his/ her blood sugar level. It is necessary for everyone to undergo the test once or twice every year, depending on medical history, lifestyle, obesity and age.
Cancer screening: Cancer has become one of the major cause of death in India. Few of the types of cancer for which one should be screened on a regular basis are:
 Colorectal cancer develops due to abnormal growth in the rectum or colon. The screening can help you spot the abnormal growth, so that it can be removed before becoming a tumour. Everyone, above the age of 40 years, should undergo this check-up.
 Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Indian women. Every woman should undergo mammogram every 2 years, especially if breast cancer runs in family gene.
 Every woman, between the age group of 18-70 years, should undergo Papsmear test every two years. The Pap smear test helps you detect if there are any chances of developing cervical cancer within the cells in your cervix.
You can get these tests from your healthcare provider. However, a health check-up program that consists of all important tests along with consultations can be cost-effective when compared to undergoing those tests individually. 

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