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Sinusitis (pratishaya): Cure & care by ayurveda

Dr. Imlikumba, Health Naturally Clinic, Mercy Building: Kevijau colony, Dimapur: Nagaland, +9194833
Published on 7 Jan. 2018 7:30 PM IST
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Sinusitis is an upper respiratory tract disorder. Some of the bones of nose and face have empty spaces, called sinuses. The inner lining of these sinuses are lined with soft mucus membrane. Due to different causes, the mucus membrane swells (inflammation). This leads to accumulation of mucus or phlegm in these sinus cavities. In due course, germs (bacteria) develop in these sinuses leading to sinusitis. 
Due to discharge of heavy nasal fluid repeatedly and by any infection the bones of sinus region enlarge and it becomes painful for the removal of watery fluid due to itching of the nose.
Causes: Increased intake of dry, oily, spicy, or too hot or too cold foods, and foods that are heavy, indigestible and incompatible foods causes swelling and irritation of the tissues of the sinuses. Other factors responsible for this condition are suppressing natural urges of tears and vomiting, exposure to cold or dusty and dry weather, staying awake till late in the night, and sleeping in the daytime.
• Running nose with thick, yellow or greenish discharge from the nose or down the back of the throat
• Nasal obstruction or congestion, causing difficulty breathing through your nose.
• Pain, tenderness and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose or forehead.
• Aching in your upper jaw, teeth and sore throat.
• Reduced sense of smell and taste which leads to nausea and vomiting.
• Runny nose, excessive sneezing, cough worse at night and bad breath.
• Severe head ache, ear pain, facial pain.
• Low grade fever, lack of appetite, and fatigue. 
Prevention to Stay away from sinusitis
• Avoid Cold drinks.
• Do not stay long time in Air condition room and avoid direct cool air to face and head. 
• No frequent cool water head bath, only to take warm water bath.
• Dry the hair immediately after bath.
• Avoid severe sun rays and chill climate.
• Do not eat full stomach and avoid fried and oily foods.
• Avoid chocolate, ice creams, milk sweets.
• Morning walk in fresh air.
• Avoid cigarette and alcohol drinks.
Ayurveda treatment for sinusitis: Ayurvedic treatment of sinusitis involves liquefying and expelling aggravated body energies with the use of certain Ayurvedic herbs and diet as well as nasal therapies and applications. The Panchakarma treatment of Nasya is quite effective in dealing with sinusitis.
• Shad Bindu Tailam or Anu tailam: This nasal drops will reduce nose congestion. These oils initially may provoke bouts of sneezing and running of water from the nose. If properly inhaled, these oils remove the blockage of the path from the sinuses of the nasal cavity(hollow space).
• Jeevandhara ( Mixture of Camphor, Menthol, etc.): Few drops of of jeevandhara along with nasal inhalation of steam and should be inhaled twice daily will reduce congestion. 
• Maha Laxmi Vilas Ras (SIRO) or Lakshmi Vilas Ras (Nardia): Symptoms like headache, pain in forehead, nasal allergy are treated with the above medicine. These will build up the immunity if used for a long period. 
• Chitraka Hareetaki lahyam: Consume this lehyam 2 tsp with warm milk twice
Yoga for sinusitis: 
• Sutraneti (Nasal Cleansing with Thread):To cure sinus through natural means, Sutraneti is one of the effective measures. Sutraneti is a soft cotton thread, which is soaked in bee-wax for nasal cleansing exercise.
• Jalaneti (Nasal Cleansing with Water): Jalaneti is quite effective Yogic practice to cure headache, insomnia, cough & cold and drowsiness. Basically, it’s the nasal cleansing exercise with lukewarm salted water.
• Kapalabhati (Frontal Brain Cleansing Exercise): Kapalabhati consist of two words: Kapala means skull while Bhati means to shine. Thus, it’s a yogic exercise to shine skull. It helps to improve mental functions; refresh and rejuvenates the head region. One should practice Kapalabhati before Pranayama as it ensures smooth flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In Kapalabhati, inhalation is passive and spontaneous while exhalation is forceful.
• Bhastrika Pranayama: The word Bhastrika is derived from Bhastra means bellows where inhalation and exhalation happens with rapid force. Bhastrika Pranayama is good to relieve cold and congestion in the nasal area.
• Anulom Vilom Pranayama: Anulom Vilom is also known as Nadisodhana Pranayama. This practice purifies the nadis by removing the congestion thus ensures free flow of prana in the nadis.
• Suryabhedi Pranayama: The meaning of Surya is Sun and Bhedand means to pierce. Suryabhedi Pranayama cures rhinitis and kills the germs and worms that is found in the sinus region.
• Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): The meaning of Bhujanga is ‘Cobra’ as the final pose of the asana seems to be Cobra.
• Sarvangasana (All Limbs Pose): Sarvangasna is known as mother of all the asanas because of its significance and importance. This asana is good in curing and treating of many diseases and disorders.
Home remedies:
• Take a steam. Hot water vapor with turmeric powder and eucalyptus oil can help moisten the sinuses and will clear nose blockages.
• Roast 1 tsp cumin seeds, crush them and add 1 tbsp honey, mix well and consume every day in morning. Alsotake 1 tsp roasted cumin seeds and place near the nose and smell and inhale.
• Take 1 tsp fenugreek seeds, add 4 cups of water, boil the mixture till water level reduces to half and strain the liquid. Drink this liquid every day morning 1 hour before food.
• Crush 4 garlic or 4 small onions and mix with 2 tsp honey and consume it.
• Drink warm milk mixed with 1 tsp turmeric powder and 1 tsp black pepper powder and 1 tsp dry ginger powder.
• Drink daily one glass warm water added with 1 tsp cinnamon powder. Mix 2 tbsp cinnamon powder with water and make it as paste and apply it in the forehead and temple and after one hour wash with warm water.
• Consume fresh fruits with vitamin “C” rich like Orange, Pineapple etc., and fresh green vegetables.
• Drink daily 2-3 liter warm water and avoid cool drinks.
• Morning sunlight walk between 7-8 will be beneficial and good for health.
• Morning and before going to bed gargle with warm water mixed with salt.
• Drink daily morning one glass warm water added with 2 tsp Apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp honey.
• Drink more lemon tea or ginger tea instead coffee or tea.
• During sleep put 2 pillows for head make it slightly height to avoid nose blockage and to get good sleep.
• Consume fiber rich foods.
• Morning and night wash the face with epsom salt mixed warm water and it will give relief to nose blockage.
• Mix camphor powder with 1 tsp warm heated coconut oil and apply it in both side of nose and forehead.
• Crush cabbage leaves and apply it one the forehead with a cloth and after one hour wash with warm water to get relief from sinus headache.
 To get relief from sinusitis you should follow all precautionary measures, Ayurveda Medicine, Yoga and apply home remedies, maximum whichever is feasible to you. Follow proper diet practice and consume reasonable water. Definitely within short period you will get relief from sinusitis.
NOTE: Ayurvedic medicines and treatments should be taken under Qualified Ayurvedic Doctor/Physician. The drugs described in this article are for general information/educational purpose only. Anyone should not use these without consulting a qualified Ayurveda doctor/physician.

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