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Reactions to Senden’s ‘quit notice’

Published on 10 Jan. 2017 11:58 PM IST
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Chuchuyimlang village asks Ao Senden to clarify within 3 days

Close on the heels of the Ao Senden issuing a ‘quit notice’ on minister of PWD Mechanical & National Highways and Elections Nuklutoshi to leave Ao land, for having acted against the Senden’s directive of boycotting elections to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Mokokchung district, the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), Chuchuyimlang Riongsanger Putu Tatar Salang (Chuchuyimlang village counicl), Mokokchung district Ao legislators and NPF Mokokchung division have reacted to it.
Chuchuyimlang village: Rejecting the allegations and condemning the ‘quit notice’ ultimatum served on its bonafide member and minister Nuklutoshi by the Ao Senden, the Riongsanger Putu Tatar Salang of Chuchuyimlang village (village council) has issued a three-day deadline seeking clarification from the Senden as to why Nuklutoshi was issued such ultimatum. 
In a letter addressed to the Ao Senden, village council chairman, Ao Sanen Pongen informed that the entire citizens of Chuchuyimlang village, “in no uncertain terms, reject and condemn the ultimatum” issue to a bonafide member of the village.
Sanen also informed that the Senso Mungdang (citizens’ assembly) and the Putu, during a joint meeting, adopted several resolutions. 
It was resolved that the village and its citizens would remain disassociated from the Ao Senden until the time “a convincing response is received” from the latter. During the period, the council said all its citizens would not take part in any activity of the Ao Senden.
Sanen further informed that till such a time the issue was settled, the council also cautioned that the Senden would be held responsible for any untoward incidents that may take place involving Nuklutoshi. “Till an acceptable response is received from Ao Senden, Nuklutoshi will not leave Ao territory,” the council asserted. 
In this regard, the council said that the Senso Mungdang and the Riongsanger Putu would continue to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.
CMO: According to CMO, the cabinet had drawn attention on the resolution signed by the president of the Ao Senden, which appeared in the media. CMO said the cabinet expressed deep concern that a member of the cabinet was threatened and served with ‘quit notice’ from Ao territory with usage of “unparliamentary language like ‘so called minister’ .” 
CMO asserted that a minister is a duly elected member of the legislative assembly who had taken oath under the constitution of India. Therefore, CMO said, the contents of the resolution “do not behove an apex tribal organisation.”
Ao legislators: Ao Legislators of Mokokchung district, held an emergency meeting in Dimapur on January 10, 2017 to deliberate on the decision of the Ao Senden on January 9, 2017.
In a joint statement, the eight legislators from Mokokchung district- C. Apok Jamir, Imtikumzuk, S. Chuba Longkumer, Dr. Benjongliba, Dr. Longri and Merentoshi R. Jamir, including Dr. Imtiwapang and Amenba Yaden-- said they have utmost respect for Ao Senden and other civil society organisations and expressed shock at use of the term “so called minister” which demeaned the status of a minister.
The legislators pointed out that a minister is a duly elected member of the Nagaland Assembly, having the mandate of his electorate for a tenure of five years and has taken oath of office under the constitution of India.
They pointed out that in the present issue it was not the decision of an individual but a collective decision of the government to conduct elections to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) and for which members of the government wee bound to uphold such decisions.
In this, they said the minister (Nuklutoshi) in-charge of Mokokchung, was discharging his duty in his official capacity and not acting in his personal interest.
Since relationship between legislators and civil society organisations like Ao Senden had always been cordial and where dialogues had been the norm of resolving issues in the past, the signatories said they failed to understand why Ao Senden had taken such “a hasty and harsh decision” upon its bonafide member for an issue that did not pertain only to one single community but to the entire people of Nagaland.
In the light of the above, the signatories requested the Ao Seden to reconsider and rethink on its January 9 decision in order to “maintain cordial relationship and collectively serve our people”. 
NPF Mkg: NPF Mokokchung Division through the president Moasangba Jamir and general secretary Tangit Imsong issued a statement regarding the ‘quit notice’ served on minister Nuklutoshi by the Ao Senden on January 9,2017. NPF said Nuklutoshi was a duly elected member of the Nagaland Legislative Assemblyh and mandated by the 22 Arkakong constituency and not a “so called minister, govt of Nagaland”.
The party unit pointed out that as all government employees were bound to follow instructions of the government, Nuklutoshi who is in-charge of Mokokchung Division was also duty bound.
The NPF unit said it found no justification in singling out Nuklutoshi, when all other government machineries were also involved in conduct of elections to ULBs.
Further, it said that not a single NPF candidate filed nomination on January 9,2017 as desired by Ao Senden.

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