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Yitachu’s statement under fire

Published on 18 Jul. 2017 12:38 AM IST
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NPF Legislature Party of the T.R. Zeliang camp has slammed government’s spokesperson and school education & SCERT minister, Yitachu, a day after he defended the position of the chief minister Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu by categorically making it clear dissident MLAs led by Zeliang “cannot move a no-confidence motion” against  the  chief minister.
NPF Legislature Party through its media cell condemned what it called the “irresponsible statement” of Yitachu and said that Yitachu while siding with Dr. Shürhozelie and his son must remember that he had extended his support “in sound mind and out of his free will” reaffirming Zeliang as leader of the NPF Legislature Party and DAN Legislature Party.
It pointed out that Zeliang was elected as Leader of NPF Legislature Party on May 14, 2014 and Chairman, DAN on February 22, 2017. NPF legislature party said Yitachu on both occasions had voted in favour of Zeliang. It added that once signatures of majority of the MLAs in a Legislature Party meet were appended to the resolutions, it becomes the final word of the majority.
Asserting that Zeliang has been functioning both as Chairman, DAN with Cabinet status and NPF legislature party leader since then and no new person has been elected in this regard till date, the legislature party said Zeliang therefore has all the legitimacy and mandate of NPF Legislature and DAN Legislature to lead and execute all delegated authority.
Further, the legislature party alleged that Yitachu’s motive to hoodwink the people of Nagaland “for his shameless political gains” while exerting all kinds of threats and intimidations under his “so called legal expertise” could be considered as nothing but cheap publicity gimmicks.
It said Yitachu may have fooled his Constituency people “pretending to be a top notch lawyer” but the rest of the Nagas would never buy his misleading stories.
The legislature party said Yitachu was misleading Dr. Shürhozelie by making him file nomination for the upcoming by-election. It also said Yitachu exercising his persuasive dirty tricks to table before the Governor for dissolving the Assembly was the cheapest trick of them all. 
“If the Assembly is dissolved like he had suggested then which Assembly Session was Dr. Shürhozelie going to attend?” it asked.
NPF legislature party also stated that Yitachu acknowledging both Shürhozelie and TR Zeliang as NPF legislature party leaders itself displayed how confused he was as a politician. It said in a democratic party system there could be only one legislature party leader, which in this case was TR Zeliang.
NPF legislature party also asked Yitachu to learn how the Constitution allowed the formation of a popular government, saying government was never formed by majority of cabinet ministers and that too under the leadership of a non-elected member. It said government was always formed by the voice of the majority elected members in the House mandated by the people.
After sacking NPF as well as Independent MLAs from their offices as ministers and parliamentary secretaries under DAN government, the legislature party sad Yitachu termed such actions as purely internal affairs of the NPF party. It said this made one wonder what sort of a legal background he comes from as this action itself proved that the present crisis involves DAN government.
“By all means, if it was simply an internal Party affair, why did Shürhozelie and his 11 legislators approach the Court of Law instead of resigning from the Chair to settle the differences internally?” it questioned. 
The legislature party also termed as “nothing but pure hogwash” the assertion of Yitachu that Dr. Shürhozelie still enjoyed absolute majority constitutionally and legally.
It pointed out that on April 4, 2017, TR Zeliang was declared as the undisputed leader by a majority of 34 MLAs, which was further supported by three more NPF MLAs. As such, it said 37 out of 47 recognised and sanctioned the leadership of TR Zeliang.
“Such a sanction does not exist either with Yitachu or NPF party president whereas true to democracy, more than 2/3 majority is in support of TR Zeliang,” it asserted.
It maintained that 37 MLAs form the majority group while 10 MLAs form the minority group in the NPF Party, adding that 10 MLAs cannot seek to control the 37 MLAs while the inference that 37 could control 10 was completely reasonable.
Stating that Yitachu’s claim on disqualification of NPF MLAs who vote against the party whip was true, the legislature party said if Yitachu and his “misguided colleagues” understand the logic, it must not be difficult to figure out who and which group stood at the brink of disqualification.
It said that the truth about appointment of Whip, by whom and in what Forum, would be made known at the time of voting or after voting on the floor of the House. 
Also, the legislature party asked Yitachu to recollect how on the evening of February 16, 2017, legislators were summoned to NPF president Dr. Shürhozelie’s residence by KG Kenye, MP (RS), and took the decision to ask Zeliang to step down from his chair immediately, wherein he succumbed to pressure tactics of Dr. Shürhozelie and KG Kenye.
It stated that party functionaries in any political party had no authority to summon elected members and take decisions of the legislature party where there was incumbent chief minister and leader of the legislature party. 
It said Yitachu was against such dictatorial action earlier, but today he has become a different person just for the fear of losing his chair. 
The legislature party said it was Yitachu who had told Dr. Shürhozelie that a non-elected member could not be the Leader of the House (NPF Legislature Party). However, it said today Yitachu has changed his colour by stating that “the Leader of the House is Dr. Shürhozelie by virtue of being the CM” contradicting every bit of his previous statement. It warned that more details would be divulged unless Yitachu stopped “his baloney at the earliest.”
Meanwhile, the legislature party also accused what it called ‘One man-two posts’ Shürhozelie and his 10 MLAs of misusing all available government machineries and completely tarnishing the image of NPF party’s office as well as the CMO.
The legislature party said it was for the Naga people to realize that the “minority chief minister” Shürhozelie and his 11 MLAS were turning out to be “nothing more than imposters throttling the voice of Nagaland while turning the State into a laughing stock before the outside world.”
It reiterated that “gratefulness” was a quality that an erudite person like Dr. Shürhozelie should be able to display when confronted with hard facts and reality given the fact that Zeliang had initiated a smooth transition over to him. It said Dr. Shürhozelie should have reciprocated resisting the “evil designs of his cronies and his personal greed for power.”
The legislature party said it was the 43 elected MLAs under Zeliang’s leadership who have the mandate to run the affairs of the State and not the 11 MLAs out of the present effective strength in the 59-member house. 
Meanwhile, it urged Dr. Shürhozelie to own moral responsibility on NPF party crisis since the day the MP, Neiphiu Rio left for Delhi. The legislature party stated that Dr. Shürhozelie has not been honest to himself and party legislators and became the chief minister out of the way. “Let the Naga people judge who is representing their voice and mandate of the people,” the legislature party added.

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