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Nagaland and alchoholism
mhabeniezung  |  27 Mar 2012 10:02:AM

i am shocked and sad to see the present condition of Nagaland.we claim with pride that its a dry state n its almost 100% Christian, through this claims we are spoiling the true principles of Christianity as Nagaland is known for heavy alchohol indulgence and corruption.The mainland people have already started their campaign against corruption,what about us-when will we fight for our rights.The average naga does not even know their rights,its time to wake up and fight for justice.If nagaland is a dry state then why is alchohol available like water and also why are we letting the authorities bend this rule.Alchohol is a menace to the society,many families in Nagaland are suffering,many homes have been wrecked,many deaths have happened and is happening.PLease let us really introspect and question our conscience.