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Beloved Sister Toshilemla (Alem) K. Nurumi
By Lika. K. Zhimomi.   :   Jul 28 2012 10:45PM IST

She’s a dove, truly were an angel
Send from God Heaven Above
She might be unusual
But that is what makes her so superior
In particular she’s unique.
She’s a perfect Sister and a Sister-in-law,
A perfect Daughter and d Daughter-in-law,
A perfect Wife and Lover,
A perfect friend, who is always there in need
She’s strong, determined, typical, never aggressive, and always capable.
She’s Goal-oriented.
She’s my beloved, friend, sister, aunty Alem
The greatest person in this world, one of a kind and one in a million
She has the biggest heart with the most caring touch, which she shares with so many…..
Your shocking death just broke my heart. When I found out that you had died,
I thought they were wrong;
Because you were so alive in my thoughts.
But you cannot just be forgotten this way
You’ll ever remain in my heart.
I thank you and I love you.
Goodbye Sis. Alem
May your soul rest in peace.

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