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You are everything to me
By Rev. Dr. T.Alem meren D.D   :   Aug 11 2012 10:42PM IST

Christ in me in the person of the Holy Ghost,
Infinite image and likeness of God in me,
Eternal price, the blood of Jesus paid for me .;
Are the endless resources provided to me .
JESUS ,You’re the embodiment of all Divine,
You’re the personification of all that is good ,
You are the life; You are the Truth; You are the Hope.
You are God’s Holiness, and the saints’ Righteousness.
You are the Riches; You’re ALL which Men Crave To Have:
The Wisdom and Knowledge; the Joy, Peace, Happiness .
You’re the Beauty; You’re ALL that is Pleasant To Eyes.
You are ALL that Is Well Pleasing To Human Heart.
You’re the Sweet Home on earth and Heaven hereafter.
You’re the Very God of Very God from God’s side.
You’re the Very Man of Very Man from man’s side.
Time, Space, and Eternity are held in Your hand.
All things earthly and heavenly are in Your hand.
The Fullness of infinite God indwells You.
You’re the One Who died for me and love even me.
JESUS, I love You. You are Everything to me.

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