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Apr 24 2014 1:22AM IST

(From previous issue)

As per the Guwahati High Court order of 22.11.2012, a counter affidavit was sought and also stated that meanwhile, the state government foll...

Jaangsillung Gonmei, Indigenous Rongmei Naga, Dimapur, Nagaland.
Apr 24 2014 1:21AM IST

According to reports, following Private entities have been short-listed for Exploration and Drilling of Crude Oil in various oil blocks in Nagaland.
1. Shivani Oil & Gas Explorati...

Akum C.
Apr 24 2014 1:20AM IST

Though there are varying terms for the definition of democracy yet the most influential term known to us is the definition given by Abraham Lincoln, “Democracy is the government of the people, by...

X. Chophika Sumi.
Apr 24 2014 1:20AM IST

The Lotha Lower Oil and Mineral Bearing Zone Association and MOGPL held its first interaction meeting in Dimapur at Naithu Resort on April 22 to clarify doubts thus far created in the media and o...

President, C. Elithung Odyuo & General secretary, Francis Kikon.
Apr 24 2014 1:20AM IST

Over the past few weeks, the Naga people are, once again, holding their breath with hopeful anticipation over the rousing news that leaders of different faction of Naga underground/political grou...

Pr Haomei.