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The Indo-Myanmar border issue
N. Mar Ao, MIP Kilonser NPGN/NNC (N/A):    12 Jan. 2017 12:16 AM IST

The recent policy of erecting international boarder fencing by the Govt. of India and Burma is another factor that will create more disastrous division among the Nagas in fact the treaty of Yandabo of 1826 signed between British India Govt. and the Burmese Kingdom is totally against the International law which gives legitimate right to entire nationals for self determination and territorial integrity. However the most destructive divide and rule policy has badly affected the Naga land owners right and much against the aspiration of Nagas in general specially people living under International Border Area. 
In fact the treaty of Yandabo of 1826 has created division among the Nagas where as the Nagas had never ever lived nor surrendered to any foreign Power/ rulers, besides the free Naga land is the most respected inheritance of our ancient ancestors that the divide and rule policy of British imperial power which has been adopted by the Government of India is also playing the same of divide and rule policy. Whereas the Nagas has already been subjugated under that ‘draconian law’ military terrorism which is totally against international law of human rights and against the aspiration of Nagas in General.
Moreover the Govt. of India has erected imaginary boundary fencing much against the aspiration and legitimate right of the land owners in 1973, without consulting the Nagas in general. Therefore in legal term this is a serious act of anti-international human right and much against Naga rights apart from that right from the ancient Naga era, no country, kingdom, power has ever dominated the Naga country, inspite of the physical presence of Britishers in Naga country who had ruled over the Naga people. However the Nagas did not make any treaty/agreement with the British India Government nor with the Burmese Kingdom at any point of time therefore no country has any legitimate right to occupy or divide the Naga ancestral territories, specially the Govt. of India has nothing to do with the construction of boarder fencing, therefore the Naga political groups and entire bonafide Naga citizen vehemently condemn the proposal for the said project and we shall never allow any foreigners to interfere nor subjugate the rights of Nagas. 
As a responsible Naga patriot the NPGN/NNC (N/A) is fully committed and determined to protect the Naga ancestral land and shall not compromise with any anti-Naga policy made by non Nagas (Foreigner) the Indo-Myanmar boundary issue has inflected great division among the entire Naga citizens and their bonafide land ownership and its resources whereas in 1973 an unrecognized imaginary boundary fencing was made without consulting the land owners and the Nagas in general. Violating anti-Naga rights and International human rights. The international in legal law framework article 1 and 55 and U.N. charter (a) that says to develop friendly relation among nations based on respect for principle of equal right and self determination of the people to strengthen universal peace. The international covenant of 1966 and the U.N. General assembly resolution 2644 (XXV) which has adapted in 1982 which gives the legitimacy of the struggle of people for independence, territorial integrity, national unity, liberation from colonial power, foreign domination foreign occupation and armed struggle (3) The UN general assembly resolution No. 1542 (XV) recognized that the desire for independence is the rightful aspiration of the people under colonial subjugation. Taking into consideration of those few universal laws of People’s movement on the basis of their legitimacy both the Govt. of India and the Govt. of Myanmar should respect the Nagas right and the legal law framework of international apex body and should not take any step that would create division within the Naga families and promote universal peace and unity. However in case of not complying with the above mentioned law of United Nations, the Nagas shall not tolerate any forceful ad clone by foreigners to divide the Nagas and shall fight for the integrity of Nagas and their land which is the birth rights of Nagas inherited from time immemorial. 


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