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NPCC rejoinder to BJP
K. Therie, President, NPCC:    21 Mar. 2017 1:09 AM IST

‘Yes, Congress is seriously worried’, they can say. We are desperate to save Nagaland from temptation. We have never wanted to indulge religion in political debates although we are guided by the principles of our religion. But today, BJP and RSS are challenging Christianity without hesitance. Some RSS hardcore BJP MPs have threatened that by 2021, Christians will be wiped out in India. Herein, Nagaland BJP Unit who are also Christians should restrain from facilitating extermination of Christians.
They are trying to enter into Nagaland to exhibit before the World that BJP has taken over a Christian State. We are aware that an important person has claimed that the trishul has been planted in the heart of Christ’s land. In whose heart and whose land has the trishul been planted? It is in the heart of BJP members in Nagaland and it is in the land of Nagaland for Christ. They will indulge them beyond redemption. Planting trishul is a long term program. Raj Bhavan’s function sequences clearly indicate that Nagaland Government is changing the discipline and manner of functions from devotional services to temple worshiping system. 
We have many Judas Iscariots amongst us who are dangerous to Christian society in Nagaland. On one hand, BJP is showing their money bag and on the other, the world knows they are persecuting Christians everywhere in the nation while Nagaland BJP is in denial mode. Those people who follow the BJP are made to defend them as having nothing to do with RSS ideology and Hinduism. 
The world is aware that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is dividing the nation along religious lines. Narendra Modi himself is an RSS student. When he was Chief Minister of Gujarat, he has burnt and destroyed 22 Churches and vandalized 16 Churches. After becoming the Prime Minister, with the intention to divert the attention of people from celebrating Jesus’ birthday (Christmas), he has declared 25th Dec. as Good Governance Day and Good Friday as Judges Day. He has no Sundays and is trying to change the World calendar of Holidays into Hinduism. We have nothing against Hinduism for the individual has the freedom to choose. But we will not allow any religion to be forced upon.
For RSS-BJP, religion is first - then comes politics. They exploit religious sentiments to win elections. School books are now fine tuned with the Bhagwat Gita. Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Union Minister of Foreign Affairs has for the second time demanded that the Bhagwat Gita should be read as the national book in schools and colleges. This is with intent to incite Hinduism. We have no objection to those who want to read the Bhagwat Gita. They can read without forcing others.
UP’s CM, Yogi Adityanath’s first statement was, to consolidate Hindus before 2019 election. He is basically a Hindu priest and promotes Hindutva all through his political career. The RSS-BJP’s agenda is to enforce Uniform Civil Code where “one religion, one nation” is the goal by removing Art 370 and 371A and all the special provisions provided therein. Today, BJP does not have majority in the Rajya Sabha nor does it have the majority of States in the nation to fulfil the requirement of the Constitution of ratification by the majority of States. They will get majority in the Rajya Sabha now. BJP is already ruling in 15 States out of 29 States and 7 Union Territories. Therefore, perhaps they have delayed. It is too dangerous for Nagaland State to be with them.
It was the RSS-BJP which assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. In the violence of 1984 it was the Khalistan issue which led to the assassination of Indira Gandhi and evoked the subsequent violence in Delhi. It was BJP & RSS led by L.K. Advani and other leaders who were involved in the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992, the case of which is still pending in the Supreme Court. The Godhra riots were also manufactured by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Christians and pastors continue to be persecuted under Modi’s regime. Churches continue to be vandalized across the nation. US President Barak Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel both went to the extent to state that India will prosper only if it does not divide on religions lines. Christians are under threat in India. they fear even to have worship services and here, Christian brothers and sisters are promoting these rioters.
What has BJP achieved in 8 years? That should be made transparent to the people. we are grateful to the Congress in particular Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and family for we owe them all that we have today. To enumerate a few, it was Pt. Nehru who has given statehood, Art 371(A) and also offered Ceasefire in ‘64 to talk with NNC. It was Indira Gandhi who held six rounds of talks with the Naga delegates at Prime Ministerial level. The Regional Political Party claimed that the Shillong Accord of ‘75 was their achievement which the Congress fell short to solve the political problem therefore we demanded to offer talks without preconditions and on 19th May, 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister offered talks without preconditions at Dimapur Local ground. He could not live to implement the commitment but on 22nd Feb.,1996, P.V. Narasimha Rao the then PM, came to the soil of Nagaland at Dimapur and offered talks with no conditions. Therefore, we are under Ceasefire and negotiations are on. During UPA’s term, the regional Govt. in the state could not represent themselves on behalf of the stake holders and adopted a policy to merely facilitate and support the issue. Thus, there is no solution till today. So BJP’s claim that it has achieved in 8 years is a tall claim.
On EVMs, it is common fact that robbers don’t complain. They hide their heads like tired chickens exposing the entire back and body. The World agrees with the theory of robbery of votes. Advanced nations have banned the use of EVMs because they are not tamper proof and lack transparency. You never know where your vote travels to after hitting the button. Even if paper audit trail EVMs are provided, after the trail papers are shown, where the vote lands is not transparent. In the ballot paper system, the voter is satisfied of its transparency because you know where you have stamped. No elite will be proud of robbery of votes. UP election was do or die for BJP. It was not possible for BJP to win the election, therefore, they have tampered with the EVMs. If it is not tampered, why not BJP agree to have re-election with ballot paper?


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