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Clarification on Dr. Somingnam’s rejoinder
Kaka D. Iralu:    22 Apr. 2017 1:58 AM IST

I beg to clarify a few misinformation that have again been fed to the Naga public by Dr. Somingam Mawon in his rejoinder to Thepfulhouvi Solo’s earlier write up. The misinformation are the following:
1. Though you (Dr. Somingnam) had claimed that you have read more than a 100 books and articles on Naga politics, you have not come across any mention of “NNC territory” in your readings. My suspicion is that you must have missed reading the Naga Yehzabo which is the  most important document in Naga politics. A Yehzabo (Constitution) of a country is after all, the “Political Bible” of a nation where all the political truths of the nation are written. Now, you have written that (quote) “there is no such thing called NNC territory in the Naga vocabulary” (Morung Express April 20, 2017). Far from your assertion being true,  the very first Article in the Naga Yehzabo states Naga territories in the following words: “The territory of Nagaland shall comprise of all the territories inhabited by all the Naga tribes from time immemorial” These words were stated in the first Yehzabo adopted on March 22, 1956 under the heading: THE FEDERATION AND ITS TERRITORY (Naga Yehzabo Part 1, Article 1) The NNC founders of our nation were not so stupid as to declare a Sovereign Democratic Republic without a clearly defined territory as its geographical area.
Also, this territorial statement covers all Naga inhabited territories on the face of the earth which were dissected and divided by Britain, India and Burma. Nagas of course do not recognize these foreigner’s artificial boundaries which had been drawn without our information or consent. Nagas also of course, stand on the political truth, that no country  can ever enter another country and draw boundary lines over lands that their own ancestors have never inhabited in their own respective histories.
2. As for the so called Indian puppet state of Nagaland which was created by the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) and the Indian Intelligence Bureau along with the Indian Home Ministry, suffice it to say that it is a State hanging in thin air with one leg in Nagaland, the second leg in Assam, the third in Arunachal Pradesh and the fourth in Manipur! The 19  NPC members and the Indian Government officials were in too great a hurry to sabotage Phizo’s meeting with the world Press on 26th July 1960 that the NPC hurriedly submitted the 16 Points Agreement on the same day (July 26, 1960) and after getting Nehru’s  approval for an Indian Nagaland State, left the issue of Naga territories to be decided on another date. Fifty seven years have already elapsed since that day, but that promise of an integrated Nagaland under one administrative umbrella still remains a chimera and a  laughing matter for our immediate neighbors.
3. You had also mentioned that (quote) “Before the birth of the NSCN, there was this infamous Shillong Accord signed by the NNC” (unquote). You went on to  cite section 2(i) of the accord “between the Government of India and the NNC ” and then went on to elaborate that this action had made the NNC to accept the Constitution of India and buried the long cherished Naga sovereignty. Many of us from the NNC and FGN had again and again clarified that the NNC had not signed the Shillong Accord and also that none of the signatories were members of the NNC. To make it very clear, I had even mentioned the names of the signatories and their portfolios in the FGN to prove that none of them were holding any position in the NNC (See Nagaland Post, April 2, 2017). But all these  repeated clarifications have only met with counter allegations again and again that the NNC had signed the Shillong Accord. I therefore challenge you or any other members of the NSCN IM (including Th.Muivah) to state the portfolios of the NNC signatories of the  Shillong Accord. At least a person like Th. Muivah will definitely be knowing the portfolios of these NNC signatories because he was the General Secretary of the NNC at that time. The Naga public needs to know the truth because they cannot just be fooled by repeated lies mentioned again and again through the impersonal name of the MIP NSCN IM. As for the facts of Naga history during the signing of the Shillong Accord, even the Vice President of the NNC-Imkongmeren , was in jail and the last un-captured remnant of the NNC members were hiding in the jungles of Nagaland with no food or communications whatsoever. Tell us then, how these last remnants of the NNC were able to gather together, draft the Shillong Accord and went to Shillong to betray the nation as purported by the NSCN IM.
4. Lastly, W. Shapwon has already clearly shown in his book “The Illegal Formation of the NSCN” that both the Nagas in the Western sector of Nagaland (Indian side), as well as the Western sector of Nagaland (Burmese side), had unanimously rejected the Shillong Accord of 1975. Shopwan had pointed out that these rejection statements were done through President Zashei Huire’s three paged post Shillong Accord statement dated Dec. 30, 1975 and Muivah’s and Isak’s statement dated 15th August 1976 from Süpao in eastern Nagaland. (The Süpao statement was appended with other 48 NNC/FGN signatories in the Eastern sector as recorded in Shopwan’s book). The recorded facts therefore clearly show that both Eastern Nagaland and Western Nagaland had rejected the Shillong Accord out rightly between  Dec 30, 1975 and August 15, 1976. But you are still alleging that some cadres of the Naga army who supported the Shillong Accord, in collaboration with “the Indian Security Forces” staged a coup d’état in Eastern Nagaland to oppose Isak and Muivah and that this action led to the fratricidal killings among Nagas. Can you mention which particular Indian Battalion or Brigade collaborated with this so called Naga army Shillong Accord group to overthrow Muivah and Isak’s in their attempt to safe the nation from doom? R.h.Raising had earlier alleged that even the Burmese army too was involved in this Coup d’état! As for your “Agony Day” which you have mentioned and which occurred in Langnok on Sept. 27, 1980, I mourn for all the victims who died in that tragic “Counter Revenge Action.” I know that they became victims of the massacre because your leaders had already killed too many of our innocent Eastern Naga brothers who had nothing to do with the Shillong Accord but remained faithful to Phizo and the NNC. I will stop there because to mention their names and how their villages were burnt and how they died in their thousands would only revive bitter hatred and animosity among our own Naga family again. If someone however really wants to  know the names and dates and villages that were burnt by the NSCN cadres, refer again to W. Shapwon’s 108 paged book “Nagaland and Th. Muivah’s Terrorist Activities.” The book is full of dead Naga names and the dates and villages where they were murdered.


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