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Campaign for Dry Village
Yumri Taipodia :    22 Apr. 2017 1:59 AM IST

2017, marks a red letter year in the history of roadside Arunachal village- Siji as Self Help Group of Siji finally launched intensified campaign to declare it as ‘dry village.’ Siji, one of the peaceful village of Arunachal Pradesh is witnessing abundance freely flow of liquor in recent times. Many wine-socked husband always feast eyes on bottle spends their hard earn from highway traffic duty and returned home empty pocket. As a result it directly affects the family economy. Now if one encountered financial crisis imagine what herculean struggle their coming generation will face for livelihood. While straightway kickoff the heroic crusade SHG president Karpi said, ‘West Siang Superintend of Police gave assurance and helping us by sending police to do surprise visit in & around the village to barred open drinking and unauthorized selling of intoxicant drink. By responding application in brisk chill evening vigilance band deed a sudden check and in first attempt itself usage of restricted item reduced. Their inspection was more like a bringing heaven on earth rather than just a checking. The Sub-Divisional Officer of Likabali also gave timely response to SHG by immediately issuing a notice to end illegal promotion of intoxicated drink. Everyone’s unique cooperation greeting to realize dry province! Women of this rural community are thankful to those kind officers and their team who captured SHG hearts by enthusiastic exemplary role because this SHG is purely made-up of women folks.
Actually, a picturesque landscape & breathtaking sights Siji and her adjacent villages namely Soi, Lago, Magi & Kane dwellers are 100% Christian. They are hub of one of the oldest church in the state especially among Galo. Despite repeated teaching from the church elders and the council without knowing waited for horrific consequences. People are randomly enjoying those harmful substances. In addition to the restriction from spiritual leaders SHG are taking valuable assistance from gracious government agency to curb down drainage of wealth in useless consumption. Once a consumer discontinue this useless practice their money, energy & time will directly be invested in productive way that yield health & wealth. Then they will understand that no dream is too big and no dreamer is too small. For this reason SHG Secretary Pakchek ‘appealed to the anointed preachers and the responsible government official to do frequently surprise checks in the village till the seller and the drinker voluntarily cease trading and drinking. Their noble acts will give peaceful atmosphere in the vicinity and it can create bright career for the children. More than that villager will get respect, pride and unparallel experience of being part of ideal hamlet. That will be one of the best gifts presented to the society.
One may rationalize that though Siji is regarded as Christ-Centered village by followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. Poverty affected person sometimes could sell liquor to manage the kitchen. Question is can seller build a family by ruining other families? After raising certain amount through un-commendable trade, if they stop or tried to wash themselves as a good person yet the evil trade of past days would surely hurt them, so, better not to get involved in unwanted activities. Nobody changes without a strong commitment and remain committed in commitment.
Whether embarking in new things or taking up fresh habit or bidding adieu to terrible routine. If everyone realise the value of this movement one day they will be the key person to say ‘no to wine. So wishing to gently remind the concern authorities instead of imposing heavy fine or putting the offender behind the bar it will be best teaching them the values of their own (seller) and life’s of other (purchasers).
Due to unemployment issue some illiterate offender may be compelled to take-up that commerce since no industries is in their vicinity. Hence, traders who engaged in it for immediate fiscal basic need can pray to God the Father YHWH to provide alternative source of income which is approved in the Bible. ‘We are not against anybody simply craving to reside in the prosperous land besides longing to see every children live a life better than the best’ exclusively explained Daknya SHG treasurer. This mission will not only make future interesting but generate thrill paradise.


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