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The blind leading the blind
Media Cell, BJP Nagaland:    22 Feb. 2018 3:20 AM IST

When people speak out of sheer ignorance, one cannot help but wonder where the future of a nation is heading to? Today the BJP party is at the receiving end owing to misinformation, propaganda and selfish interests spread by some political, religious or so-called secular leaders. The sad part is that these leaders are equally in the dark about the issues they are attacking with all passion and so reduced to the blind leading the blind.
Today, the BJP’s candidates in different parts of the state are being targeted as anti-Christians. And though we have been maintaining a dignified silence not to embarrass the ignorance of many of our people who are holding high and sanctimonious offices, we are compelled to highlight a few truths to enlighten the general populace who are being misled by few so-called enlightened leaders.
While the BJP acknowledge the concern and apprehension of the various organizations in the state about the threat perception on minorities, the BJP would however like to make clarifications to dispel such misconceptions.
First and foremost, all the BJP candidates in Nagaland are Christians and remain committed to protect and defend our faith at all cost. Our candidates are all members of one church or the other and at this very crucial juncture leading up to the elections, we want to request the churches to pray for their members so that they can fulfill the will of God in the manner that they are called to.
Just as the Union Home Minster for Sate, Kiren Rijiju, said the elected BJP leaders in Nagaland belong to the Naga community and not from other parts of India, the question of them doing anything which will not be in the favour of the people is unthinkable. They will only be receiving the support from the Centre which will ensure timely development and progress in the state.
The issue of Hindutva is also being raised to malign the party. However for those who raise this issue to realize, are they aware that Hindutva is not a religion as many supposed to be so, but a ‘way of life’ just as we have our own ‘Naga way of life.’
In 1995 Supreme Court passed a judgement that “Hindutva was a way of life and not religion. The Encyclopaedia Britannica states “Hinduism is a blanket term covering several religions and does not refer to a single religion”. Throughout India’s ancient history the word Hindu was never meant to denote a religion.
And for the sake of argument if we are to agree that if indeed “Hindutva” is to be imposed in the country, would it be possible? Ninety-three-year old Justice (rtd), Rajinder Sachar, who headed the Sachar Committee, which studied the socio-economic and educational status of the Muslims in India, in an interview declared that “It is not possible and when I say not possible, I mean there will be lots of resistance. If India declared itself a Hindu Rashtra, it will not progress. There will certainly be resistance by Hindus themselves in different parts of the country. They will be the biggest hurdle”.
A champion of civil liberties for decades, the 93-year-old former chief justice of the Delhi High continued that “(The Shiromani) Akali Dal in Punjab will never want a Hindu Rashtra. It will not support it. Minorities, not only Muslims, but Christians and Sikhs are also against it. Who wanted the British Empire? Nobody wanted British rule. Ultimately, people fought against it and won.”
The other issue that is being raked is that of the RSS or the “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh” or the National Volunteer Organisation which is an organisation primarily driven by the guiding principal of “Selfless service to the nation”.
One thing is to be clearly understood that the BJP is not a political arm of the RSS as many claim but is a purely political organisation that draws part of its ideologies from the RSS. A number of people who were part of the RSS joined politics and became part of the BJP. However, it does not mean that all the BJP members are the members of the RSS.
Though there are fears that the BJP coming to power will disturb the situation in the state, the state BJP will stand firm to ensure that the Interest of the Naga people will be guarded.
For those who are also following the political events in the state, it will be pertinent to remember that whichever party comes to power in the state will have to work with the BJP party in the Centre. So it will be in the interest of all to maintain healthy decorum as is befitting to respectful members in our society.
And as for the coming election, we would like to urge those leaders going on overdrive to mix politics and religion to “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and not try to bring further confusion.” Trust the electorate to decide what is best for them: corruption or corruption-free governance, public development or personal development, progress or stagnancy.


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