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50 years of Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo Youth Ministry
Jongshimanen, youth director, DABA YM  :  Jan/30/2017 11:39:PM
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The Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo (DABA) was founded on October 5th 1958. Since there were only few people then, Kher Mahal was the area where the church building was set up. As years passed by, urbanisation, growth in members, geographical expansion and scattered settlement of church members and for better administration of the church there grew a need to grant fellowship status to certain areas. Duncan Basti area is the first to obtain fellowship status amongst eight till the present day. 
The youth ministry did not begin until 1966. With a handful of church members but young men and women who had come to Dimapur for studies and seeking job were in plenty. The then pastor of DABA, Late N. Tatong who hailed from Changki Village, his vision being realised, the first youth service then called as Christian Endeavour (C.E) started with a small number of young men and women gathering on a Sunday evening. Now there are 8 fellowships under its umbrella. It is headed by a Youth Director and under him there are 8 Youth Evangelists from each fellowship for spiritual direction. Till date there have been ten youth Directors and Jongshimanen being the present Youth Director. The DABA Youth Ministry have celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2016.
Office and administration:
The Youth Ministry is one of the ministerial wings of Dimapur Ao Baptist Arogo and is headed by a Youth Director. The ministerial office is assisted by four general office bearers viz president, vice-president, general secretary and assistant general secretary. They make necessary decisions and oversee after all the youth affairs. There are officially 8 fellowships namely, Duncan, Town, Sümüdem (Lengrijan), Yinsem (Nagarjan), Signal, Merali (Viola), Lungmen (Burma Camp) and Yongküm (Imkonglenden) which functions under the administration of the general office. Each fellowship consists of four fellowship officers assisted by an advisor-cum-treasurer to advise and guide the youths and a youth evangelist with the objective of evangelism among the youths and is responsible to the general office on all matters related to youth. The general officer and the eight fellowships work hand in hand to accomplish the common goal of bringing the youth together under the church ministry. Altogether there are four general officers, thirty two fellowship officers, three executive members, eight advisors and eight youth evangelists. The total enrolment is about 4000 approx.
This is what we do:
This is what we do:
1.World Environment day’ 5th June: A yearly event whereby theme based activities are carried out. From cleanliness drive and trees plantation to sensitization programs. DABA youth Ministry has achieved tremendous success up to the level where some programs have gained international recognition.
2.Praise & worship consultation: An annual program for the members of the Praise & Worship team from the 8 fellowships.
3.Leaders orientation and spiritual awakening: An annual event for the leader and members from the 8 fellowships to encourage spiritual growth among its members and to incorporate good leadership qualities.
4.Motivational program: Various programs are initiated to motivate the youth under DABA to make use of their skills and talents for self-reliance and development of their skills. Under this banner, a self-reliance project under the theme ‘Local Products made in DABA’ was held whereby commodities made by DABA youths were made available for merchandise in the market.
5.Sports ministry: To reach the unreached with the gospel through sports. It serves as a very important medium in bringing the non- church goer youth to participate in church. An important evangelism tool in capturing youths who are not interested in attending normal church activities can be lured into the main stream through this ministry.
Sports competitions are held annually in each fellowship and DABA Olympics are held every two years. Through this ministry not only DABA but it goes further beyond DABA in evangelism through sports. 
6.True love waits: Signing a pledge card pledging to remain faithful to each future life partner that God has planned for each one.
7.Age- group program:
i)Cadet Club (13 – 17 years)
ii)Cross-roads (18-25 years)
iii)Crusader club (25 years & above) also known as ‘Teintet Lanur’. They conduct program once in every 3 months.
8.Touch Dimapur: It is one of the most important event of DABA Youth Ministry with major initiative from the teintet lanur (Senior Youths) by carrying out mission target activities not only within the church but outside the church to create a sense of belongingness to the citizens of Dimapur in general touching into social needs by creating social awareness. Few of the notable activities undertaken by Touch Dimapur are the Christmas decorations for which DABA YM has been awarded best for the past two years and the paintings and installation of traffic points and traffic signals within Dimapur.
9.Talent promo program: A promotion of God’s gifted talents for His glory for the musically talented people, dance and choreography, drama & acting, art & painting, photography, cooking competition etc.
10. Kenten Benjong: An annual hymn competition program held in the month of august.
11. Youth revival: On the spiritual front to rejuvenate and revive spiritually youth revivals are conducted annually. With the increase in the spiritual thirst of the youth, it has been planned for revivals to be held twice a year. First in fellowship and the second in general.
12. Praise & worship team: It comprises of : 
i)General Team: Selected singers and musicians representing all the fellowship.
ii)Fellowship Team: Each Fellowship chooses singers and musicians from their respective fellowship.
13.  Mentoring the leaders: This initiative was taken up where by senior youth member mentors the upcoming younger youth members.
14.  Shisamolu: An annual magazine published informing about youth activities. It is both a journal and a bulletin.
15.  Theme Sunday: With a vision to rejuvenate the youth spiritually, the ministry conducts first Sunday of every month as a theme Sunday basing on contextual and spiritual topics in all the fellowships. 
16. Special Sundays: This includes events relating to world events, boys special Sundays, girls special Sundays, music fest, family nite, movie nite, friendship day, thanksgiving day, literary day, love feast, fish a friend Sunday, colours of worship, back to the Bible, pot luck, coffee nite and all Christian events.
Apart from the various activities that are being taken, the DABA YM conducts ministries like the handshake ministry, we care ministry, seminars, clean election campaign and programs that are relevant in the present scenario. The Youth ministry have also started DABA YM Blood Donors Club. This program was initiated by the then youth director Imnatoshi Longkumer to celebrate ABAM Youth Sunday, a yearly event where the DABA YM celebrates with a new innovative ministry idea.
These above mentioned are just similar to emptying out a drop of water from the ocean. There are countless ministries which the youth ministry undertakes equivalent to the strands of hair on our head. Apart from this ministry, there are other ministries working parallel to the youth ministry in DABA. The Women Ministry; Christian Education Ministry; Music Ministry; Evangelism & Counselling Ministry and even these ministries being divided into various small groups participating equally. With an eye on DABA theme “Occupy Till I Come” Luke 19:13, the ministry in its own capacity had been working tirelessly passing on the baton of spiritual vision and burden from one to another to uplift each and every individual, man and woman, young and old spiritually, physically and mentally.

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