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Locally available herbs – A magical healer
(Courtesy: Department of Botany Immanuel College, Lingrijan, Dimapur.)  :  Jul/23/2017 06:09:PM
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Plants have a long history of medicinal usage. since prehistoric times, men have used plants for treatment of various ailments. 
But with the advancement of the modern technology in the field of medicinal science, the use of traditional medicinal plants for curing diseases has been slowly diminishing. 
The fast development of human society have distanced our self from nature. 
The modern lifestyles and the food habit that the present society consumes for their livelihood has an adverse effect on the human health conditions. 
So by bringing a little change in our daily diet can bring a great improvement in our health. choosing the right food is the first priority of a man to be healthy. Herbal medicinal plants have been very powerful in the treatment of various diseases because these plants have lesser side effect, easily available in and around us and are also considered to be very safe. 
Therefore here are some locally available herbs in the state of nagaland, which work magically to heal various ailments.
1. Amaranthusviridis
Common name- sak
Consumption of leaves helps in digestion and reduce constipation.
Leaves juice helps in prevention of hairfall.
Leaf contains vitamin- c which improves vision.
 2. Centillaasiatica
Common name – Indian pennywort
Leaves are freshly consumed for the treatment of dysentry and enhance memory power.
Leave and root paste are used to disinfect the leprotic wounds.
The herb is taken to lower blood pressure.
 3. Coriandrumsativum
Common name- dhania
1 tablespoon of coriandrum juice with fresh buttermilk is used for treating indigestion,dysentry and typhoid fever.
A tablespoon of coriandrum juice mixed with turmeric powder is helpful for removing pimples, blackheads and dry skin.
Fresh coriandrum leaves juice is used to prevent eye damage during small pox attack.
4. Spinach oleraceae
Common name- paleng sak
Spinach leaves are good for curing inflammation of lungs.
Spinach leaves help in the development of healthy fetal.
Consumption of spinach leaf increases the production of rbc.
Intake of spinach lowers cholesterol level and protects from heart diseases.
5. Menthaarvensis
Common name- peppermint
Mint tea helps to reduce period cramps.
Application of mint juice is effective in clearing pimples, dry skin and acne.
Daily intake of mint juice reduces hyperacidity.
 6. Houttuyniacordata
Common name- chameleon plant
Plant extract is recommended for cough, fever and dysentry.
Plant paste is applied to cure snake bite and skin disorder.
* Intake of root juice increases the excretion of urine.

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