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  • “He’s been dead for 45 minutes.” These words met Joyce as she saw her son. On Monday, January 19, 2015, 14-year-old John Smith had spent the night with two friends,- Josh Rieger & Josh Sander - after wi...

  • “I loved my daddy. I wanted my daddy to love me I wanted to be accepted by my dad. But I never felt that.” Ashley longed for her father to dote on her, but his attention was elsewhere. She recalls, “He was drunk, high,...

  • Kettlyn is a single mother of three and a home health care provider. She spent most of her time providing and caring for other until one day when she was rear-ended at a stoplight. “As soon as I get out, you know, to go see what’s...

  • Blueberries are sometimes branded a "superfood," and for good reason; they are packed full of antioxidants that offer a wealth of health benefits. Now, a new study has uncovered another use for these little berries: help...

  • (Obesity is not because it runs in the family, it’s because no-one runs in the family) Obesity is a lifestyle disease Which is spreding rapidly Worldwide. Individuals of all age, gender are affected by this disease. Obesity is ac...

  • Nearly one in four teenagers is bullied every year. Our choice to forgive bullies—as teens or, later, as adults—is intensely personal, not one that any scientific study can answer for us. A new study by researchers at Macquarie U...

Why humans don''t have more neanderthal genes
(By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor)
A Brand New Day
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A Brand New Day
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