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  • Mistake: You don''t have a cleaning routine game plan Strategize the order that you clean a room so you aren’t running back and forth, which can spreading dirt to the places you just cleaned. For instance, if you start by mopping,...

  • What happens if you don''t eat for a day? The answer might seem relatively straightforward, but fasting for 24 hours has a complex ripple effect in the body. Fasting is a longstanding part of many religious traditions, including t...

  • Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was, briefly and famously, an ardent fruitarian—meaning he ate a diet composed primarily of fruit, which he believed would cleanse his body of harmful fluids. Just as famously, the actor Ashton Kutcher ...

  • Everyone gets bruises. You can expect to see purple when you knock your leg into a table or jam your elbow into a wall, but if you have mysterious bruises appearing everywhere or lingering longer than a month, your love of the sun...

  • Usually, influenza pandemics are sparked when a virus jumps from birds to pigs, and then, eventually, to humans. Influenza viruses in an animal population, where there are many viral strains in one place, can mix together to crea...

  • Hot tea is a staple beverage in winter time; it can help to keep us warm and soothe sore throats. It can give us that energy boost in the morning or help to relax us in the afternoon. However, a new study suggests that drinking ho...

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