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  • Ecological tourism or ecotourism has been a very popular catch phrase around the globe among ecologically sensitive travelers and tourists. People who are highly respectful towards ecosystem and environment; but, at the same time ...

  • “You look at a condemned building, you say, ‘It is of no use.’ You put a bulldozer and you wreck it, you know. That’s kind of what I felt like my life was like.” James grew up in a drug and crime-infested neighborhood in Greensbor...

  • Dawn Cypret had just come home from Christmas shopping, when she got the call from her doctor’s office. Dawn remembers, “And she says, ‘Are you sitting down?’ And I said, ‘Mmm, no. Why? Should I be?’ She says, ‘Yes.’” She had seen...

  • The Iris Program is a youth invitation program by the Government of Japan which invites promising young talents from the North East Region of India to visit Japan. Under this Program 23 youths from Nagaland and Manipur visited Jap...

  • “Honestly I wasn’t happy living,” Grace confesses. “I don’t want to be alive if I’m living in this world just struggling day to day and not accomplishing anything. I’m going to get in my car and whatever happens, happens. I ...

  • In his nearly 30-year career as a french horn player, Duane Dugger has performed in orchestras across the country. But in 2005, he began experiencing excruciating pain in his jaw. Duane says, “It''s like somebody took two ice picks...

A Brand New Day
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