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CAB a future threat to Nagas

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 2/10/2019 11:51:56 AM IST

 It has hardly soaked into the minds of our politicians that the public of Nagaland and the entire north east has one major worry on our minds. We the public want them to know that the issue of the CAB has a tremendous impact on the future of Nagaland. Our Chief Minister and the cabinet hardly lifted their eyebrows when New Delhi tabled the issue. Whereas, the other states from the beginning were vehemently raising their voices. Could it be that we are in such a compromised state that we don’t know white from black? Did our ministers did not want to upset the BJP and its agenda?

You would think that Christians may not have anything in this regard. We do. We are not just foot cushions for all to walk on. We do have an opinion when it comes to our future or the future of our children.   God the Father has a standard where the very existence of the citizens will not be threatened by outside alien (foreign) factors or enemies. Nagaland is supposed to be a protected place as per the rules. Our Nagaland is already exploding with traders and businessmen most of which are illegal immigrants called Bangladeshis claiming to be from Assam. They continue to come in as Nagaland is a haven of peace and prosperity for them. Occasionally they are given the honour of being  freedom fighters for NPGs collecting taxes or some dirty job. Our politicians boast of Article 371A and ILP and such instruments but hardly, we   hardly do anything about it. Our politicians are even thinking of selling off our land in the name of setting up safe zones or special economic zones. Unemployment of our youth is a big subject and government jobs are at the mercy and whims of our ministers.  Our Nagas cannot compete with Bangladeshi claiming to be from Assam. Their brotherhood runs thick and they are already setting up chains of business. What can some of our youth do but get drunk with ‘Assam’ made hard liquor and threaten local business men or make fast friends with these Bangladeshis from Assam  now running business big and small, and some in the name of some glorious big Naga dada. So we want Rio and his government to live up to their words. Ensure ILP and enforce it. Our grandchildren may be speaking Bangla instead of Nagamese if you will not lift up your arm to drive illegal immigrants and a mini Mecca in every colony with ear-splitting loud speakers with the call of the Imam.  It is a tragedy that a student body has to take the matter time to time when it comes to ILP.  Politicians have shamed us by quoting ILP without any substance. Probably all illegal immigrants just take a good laugh as whenever we bring up the ILP.  They are good at giving a little bribe and our local officials are equally smart at receiving the bribe. Yeah we are so proud to have the ILP on paper. But is your government going to put the law into good effect? We request our Police department starting with the very top, as you are all salaried and paid well to do your job, to check this nuisance in our land. Do your job sincerely. Don’t you think you are going to give an account to God one of these days? We need to hear about our smart police not just in pretty uniform but in duty as well. The police exist not just to put on a uniform but to check criminals and illegal activities from the minister to the lawbreaker on the street. Are we seeing corrupt and undisciplined law keepers? Are the hands of our law keepers tied up by our unrivalled ministers or their hands equally muddy? Woe is us if there is not a God fearing man in the land. Do we even see what has happened to Tripura? The original locals are in such a minority now. They have lost their land, their honour and their future. Perhaps our politicians are so short-sighted and are just looking to make a quick buck before the next election. Please study the ground realities. Do you not see the numbers of them as they gather at the time of Id? These illegal immigrants are not just picking up every business but marry local women and  own properties with the connection.  Unless we act strictly with provisions like ILP, we will consider every government as traitors to the Nagas.   We are asking ourselves, is our Naga government a friend or a foe? If you are for the Nagas then act for the Nagas. Where is the change you promised?

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