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Lack of infrastructure in state Nagaland

By Nagaland Post | Publish Date: 10/10/2018 12:38:32 PM IST

 Nagaland State is perceived, not wrongly, as a backward region of the Northeast. Lack of infrastructure in all sectors has remained the main bottleneck for the region’s all-round development. Education is one of them, while our regions fares poorly in most indices of education sector. While comparing to the rest of the states, number of educational institutions is less and offer only vanilla degree. Providing education to the regions with less facility is quit not possible, with the population of 1,980,602 (as per 2011 census) of the state.

Still general enrolment ratio in our region is an average, nearly out of 100 per cent, 70  -80 per cent (according to my estimation)  students move out from the region every year after they have complete their Under graduate and Post graduate level to study outside the state to their next higher level and also because of the reason of limited seat in Nagaland university. And the remaining stay here in our region who cannot afford to study outside the region due to financial problem and also due to lack in education system, even a brilliant person cannot get marks up to their expectation and when they go outside the region they get marks as they expect, this is the reason, why in our region the result is not quite well as compared to others whether in government or private school/college and cannot find good institution when they go outside the region. Had the good institutions were available in our home area?. Is that possible or impossible that we will have a good institution for the younger generation in this 21st century.

Recently Minister of Health and Family Welfare has said about having Medical Colleges in the state by the year 2020 but is too late, while our neighboring state Manipur which was formed in 1972 has two Medical Colleges. While In Meghalaya state the government are focusing more in education and has allocated the highest budget for education, keeping in mind the fast changing scenario and innovations coming into the education system, whereas in our state Nagaland, corruption in education department, releasing students scholarship on installment wise, keeping more hardship and trouble to the students to meet their requirements for education purpose. To march ahead to the rest of the states is too far for the state of Nagaland and to top in luxury building and vehicle we are at the first.  Corruption is not only showing up in government office alone, it is evident on the roads and by the roadsides , during the rain it would be more appropriate to use a boat than a vehicle there. People can see our Christianity on our road itself, our bad roads speak a lot of thing on our behalf.

In such a situation how can the state can develop and run smoothly, the idea of our government will only caused the people of Nagaland a CARY in near future. When we see around in our state the development take place only in luxury building not in the development of good infrastructure. The government ideology should truly based on the development of infrastructure especial in the field of education and while making any cabinet decision the government should not victimize the students who are going to compete to their competitor and also the future leader to led the state ahead . The system of bribe in Nagaland should demolished, and the politician those who aim only for portfolios and powers and the old aged politician may politely and peacefully step-down and let the new generation young men and women who are educated, innovative, idealistic, energetic and true patriotic person to shoulder the responsibility and led the state forward. 

Don’t think in everywhere there is only you, keep the chance to others too so that our society will be better. Give chance to the uncorrupted and well educated persons to enter into new politics as well and we will fight to change the economic system and for the social uplift as well as achievement of self determination. We are fed up of hearing the same word of development which was spoken 10 years back and false promise just in order to gain political right, while seeing every year a construction of same road stating that change is coming. Before it’s too late I hope and pray that the Government of Nagaland will bring a new change that we are dream for. There is need for improving educational infrastructure in our region the quality of education is the most important that we should have.

Even in the 21st century we see the excessive and terrible exploitation by the high class of rich people, especially in the development activities the fund mean for development does not fully utilized and keep the state backward. Government should treat equally and love the people as a whole and not the ones constituency or tribe alone because a one particularly tribe cannot led the state to go forward the people of Nagaland as whole are ever ready to co-operate with all the affairs of the state. The Government must have the feeling of oneness and equality with the people and only that the fair and honest will begin. If Nagaland is to be developed the Government should also focus more on the most neglected parts of the areas.

Let me pen down some of the weakness that the most remotest areas are facing in our region:

• Problem of transport development: Perhaps Nagaland governments have registered impressive progress in transport system but there are many bottlenecks, constraints and difficulties. Inadequacies and imbalances in transport threaten to constrain economic growth and the quality of life in the region

• Transport bottleneck: The road transport system is under heavy strain, with inadequacy of capacity and sub-standard infrastructure. The roads constitute the largest transport agency intimately connected with the development of the state economy. Due to improper road the capacity constraints have led to the movement of bulk commodities in vegetables and other goods and services etc over long distance and charge high cost of price in our region including their carrying expenses and tax charge.

• Poor planning in transport and agriculture: Due to poor transport planning in our region have not been adequately linked with the rest of the other state and as a result, we have remained physically and emotionally isolated. At the same time we does not encourage to our farmers to give more afford on cultivation activities and  we just depend on only importing from other state, while we have enough resources to cultivate but keep it untouched for so many years. Especially during election farmers too demand job instead of demanding for agriculture requirements  and irrigation facilities etc, this is  happen because of the lack of information and not keeping them proper training in agriculture activities and encourage them to cultivate more, that’s the problem why it’s happen.

The formulation of transport plans, sufficient attention was not given to spatial and economic features which influence the pattern of transport demand in our region. Population and economic activities tend to concentrate in towns. Massive volumes of traffic are concentrated in certain areas of our region and hence there is tremendous pressure on road transport system in the town and certain areas. Whatsoever Road transport are the dominant modes of transport in our region and they would continue to be so in the future too.

 (The write up is based on the writer views and does not reflect any organization or community)

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