Friday, March 24, 2023

10 cops hurt in clash with mob in Manipur


A mob allegedly attacked a police team deputed to apprehend a suspected criminal, injuring at least 10 policemen and damaging eight police vehicles.
In the follow up action, the police arrested 10 persons allegedly involved in the deadly attack after taking control of the mob using tear gas shells and mock bombs that injured several protesters. Properties of as many as six houses were also damaged in the clash reported in the Moijing area of Thoubal district on Friday night.
On Friday evening, a combined team of Heingang police station of Imphal East and police commandos attached with the district police rushed to the Muslim-dominated Moijing area of Thoubal district to apprehend a person accused in two criminal cases.
A police source said that the combined team rushed to the area to nab one Md Sirajuddin, a resident of the Moijing village, who is wanted in two recent criminal cases.
He is one of the suspects involved in shooting dead one Md Mustakim on February 24 last at Kairang of Imphal East and also alleged attempt to kill a driver identified as Md Noor Khan who was rescued by the police from Tezpur area of Imphal East district on March 2 night, the police said.
When the combined team tried to the suspect (Md Sirajuddin) from near a shop along with one of his friends in his locality yesterday, around 6.30 pm, the duo escaped while the police were busy taking control of a large number of villagers who blocked their path to foil the arrest.
Reports said that a large number of villagers pelted stones towards the police personnel from different directions while the the police also fired several rounds of tear gas shells and mock bombs in defence.
At least 10 police personnel were injured in the clash. Windshields of two police vehicles were also damaged in the stone attack.
With additional force called in from the Thoubal district police headquarters, police eventually took control of the situation after which an operation to nab the suspects once again was carried out at late night.
When the police started a house to house search operation, the residents once again attacked the police personnel with stones and other deadly weapons. In the mob attack, more police personnel sustained injuries six more police vehicles were damaged.
The police responded by firing tear gas shells and mock bombs to take control of the situation. Damages were caused to at least six houses by the police response.
After hours of struggle, the police took control of the situation and apprehended 10 persons allegedly involved in the attack on police personnel on duty.
The police, however, could not arrest the suspects including the one who was earlier picked up.
Among the several residents injured in the retaliatory action of the police, three were rushed to Thoubal district hospital with critical injuries, the report said.
On the other hand, residents strongly condemned the police alleging that locals rose up in protest as the police acted excessively to nab the suspects. Alleging that many of the apprehended residents were youths appearing the ongoing Class-X and Class-XII final exams, they demanded immediate release. They further accused police of ransacking belongings of the houses in the name of searching for the suspects and also used real bullets to take control of the situation.
Meanwhile, a police source said that the 10 persons apprehendedwere taken into custody by the Thoubal police station after registering a case against them.
An investigation has also been initiated regarding last night’s violent incidents, the source added.

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