Sunday, June 4, 2023

16-Point Agreement not mundane MoU: Jamir

Sole surviving signatory to the 16-Point Agreement of 1960 between the government of India and Naga People’s Convention (NPC), veteran Naga leader and founding father of Nagaland, Dr SC Jamir made it clear that Article 371A clause 7 was incorporated in the 16- Point Agreement of 1960 in recognising the unique political history of Nagaland.
He pointed out that, while signing the 16 Point Agreement , there was no controversy whatsoever over Clause 7 of the agreement, as all points, including land and resources, were thoroughly discussed and deliberated by members of both the parties(government of India and NPC).
He said the phrase “all resources” includes all minerals and mineral resources including petroleum and its bye-products” as per clause 7 of Article 371A was also clearly interpreted by noted constitutional expert Durga Das .
He said even from the first day when the 16 Point Agreement was signed in 1960 , the phrase, “ land and its resources” had one meaning only and that was , “ it covers all minerals and mineral resources, including petroleum and its bye-products.”
Dr Jamir reiterated that exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas, and in the context of Art. 371A, the situation is different( to views that since the state assembly cannot enact law on Clause 7 of Article 371A, the latter is rendered redundant).
He said Parliament has promulgated certain laws relating to mines and minerals, petroleum and related products and other such matters by virtue of the provisions of List-I of Schedule-VII to the Constitution of India.


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