Friday, January 27, 2023

16th KBA Open Championship concludes

The 16th edition of the Kikruma Badminton Association (KBA) Open championship was held at Indoor Stadium Kikruma village, Phek from December 27-28.
Gracing the opening ceremony as guest of honour, Chikrokhoyo Kezo, senior PA to Minister for Planning and Coordination, Land Revenue and Parliamentary Affairs, exhorted the players not to consider sports as a leisure activity but take it seriously and develop professionalism to compete at higher levels.
He also stressed on the importance of keeping a strict diet to be a good sportsperson.
Kezo advised the participants to be conscious about health in order to live long and live healthily.
The programme was chaired by Asapu Puro while invocation was given by Vebito Tunyi.
Under-15 Double
1st- Huveto Puro and Ove Puro
2nd- Veluto Kezo and Kuzuve Kezo
Women’s Double
1st- Pungotolu Puro and Sekhotolu Puro
2nd- Hukholu Yhobu and Khotolu Yhobu
Men’s Single
1st-Nuhutso Vero
2nd-Khenu Vero
Mixed Double
1st- Chikrokhoyo Kezo and Sekhotolu Puro
2nd- Vezokhoyo Tunyi and Senulu Puro
Men’s Double (Group-B)
1st- Verizo Puro and Veduhu Puro
2nd- Nuveto Puro and Vetso Tunyi
Men’s Double (Group- A)
1st- Husazo Puro and Vepfu Yhobu
2nd- Zanetso Yhobu and Vekhro Kezo
Men’s Veteran
1st- Adothi Kezo and Mutsitso Kezo
2nd- Netsozu Tunyi and Zaseyo Puro

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