Monday, November 28, 2022

178 bird species documented during first edition of TEBC

A four-day ‘Tokhü Emong Bird Count’ (TEBC), a first-of-its kind in Nagaland, was held from November 4 to 7 where 18 eBirders from Dimapur, Kohima, Peren and Wokha uploaded 84 checklists and recorded 178 species of birds.
Informing this in a press note, program manager for Bird Count India Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF), Bangalore, Mittal Gala said during the first edition of TEBC– the bird count event was opened to public across India. Around 33 checklists came from regions outside Nagaland– Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.
Mittal said that though it was just a preliminary report, the final report would be published in December 2022. This was the very first time for Nagaland to hold a bird documentation event which was organised by the Wokha Forest Division and the Divisional Management Unit, Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP), and Bird Count India. The idea of such an event was to get people interested in birds, create awareness and celebrate the rich bird diversity of the state. Events such as these when conducted every year can also help in generating a baseline data to compare the year after year trends of our birds.
On day one (November 4), eight participants from three districts uploaded 29 checklists and reported a total of 72 species, including an interesting record of Brown Shrike. Seven species of warblers—Ashy-throated, Buff-barred, Yellow-browed, Dusky, Grey-cheeked, Greenish, Yellow-bellied Warbler were reported.
On November 5, 10 birders uploaded 23 checklists and documented 104 species, this included Spot-breasted Parrotbill, three species of partridge– Hill, Rufous-throated, Mountain Bamboo-Partridge. Multiple raptors (not seen on Day 1) were spotted– Eurasian Sparrowhawk, Himalayan Buzzard, Oriental Scops-Owl and of course Amur Falcon.
The team also reported ten warbler species- Ashy-throated, Buff-barred, Yellow-browed, Greenish, Yellow-bellied, Whistler’s, Blyth’s Leaf, Grey-hooded, Brown Bush, Brownish-flanked Bush Warbler.
On November 6 Nov, being a Sunday, only three birders could participate and uploaded 22 checklists and recorded 90 species which included Asian Barred and Collared Owlet and three species of Scops-Owl– Mountain Scops, Collared Scops– and Oriental Scops-Owl.
Other than the usual species of warblers, babblers, scimitar-babblers and laughingthrushes were also recorded—Pin-striped Tit-, Golden, and Rufous-capped babblers; Red-billed, Streak-breasted, and White-browed scimitar-babblers; and Brown-capped, Blue-winged, Striped, Assam, Spot-breasted, and White-crested laughingthrushes.
On the final day TEBC, seven birders uploaded 10 checklists and reported 86 species, including three individuals of Black-tailed Crake! Birders observed eight species of bulbul– Black-crested, Crested Finchbill, Striated, Red-vented, Red-whiskered, Flavescent, Himalayan Black, Mountain Bulbul; four species of thrush– Long-billed, Black-breasted, Eyebrowed, Blue Whistling-Thrush; and three species of wagtail– Grey, Eastern Yellow, White Wagtail.
According to the organizers, TEBC will return next year, with the hope of having more influx of birders and enthusiasts across Nagaland.

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