Monday, February 6, 2023

2 AR personnel injured in gunfight with NSCN (K-YA)


Barely a day after the Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) appealed for peace and tranquillity, free from any conflict in all Naga areas, two firing incidents were reported on Monday at Nyasa village and Longwa village areas. In the first incident, two Assam Rifles (AR) personnel were reportedly injured in a gunfight with NSCN (K-YA) cadres in Nyasa area of Mon district near the Arunachal Pradesh-Nagaland border early on Monday.
According to PRO (Def) Lt Col Sumit K Sharma, based on credible inputs of movement of underground (UG) cadres, AR troops laid multiple ambushes to dominate the area. Around 2.35 am, alert scouts noticed suspicious movement of cadres on a jungle track coming from Zankham to Nyasa.
PRO said the armed cadres reportedly opened fire, which was retaliated causing severe casualties to the armed group while two AR jawans were also injured. They were later evacuated to Jorhat Indian Air Force hospital for treatment. They were shifted with the help of local villagers, who had provided all support to the security forces, PRO stated.
Speaking to Nagaland Post, Nyasa Village Angh Joiwang Angh said the villagers on hearing the gun shots, rushed out of the houses and shouted to stop firing. Joiwang said the Village Guards, GBs and public rushed to the spot and upon seeing the injured soldiers, brought their vehicles and transported them to Langphong Shenga, from where they were evacuated by security personnel.
Anguished by the incident, the villagers also staged a protest against such incident, disturbing the peaceful environment of the village.
Meanwhile, security sources informed Nagaland Post that the second firing incident occurred at Longwa village area bordering Myanmar around 11 a.m. on Monday. Sources, however, said that the armed men fired blank shots in the air, about 800 meters away from the army post.
Organizations condemn
Eastern Nagaland Peoples’ Organization (ENPO) along with the seven federating tribal bodies and frontal organizations have vehemently condemned the August 9 and 15 firing incidents at ITC DAN a group of unknown cadres and at Nyasa village and Longwa village on August 15 reportedly by a group of NSCN(YA) cadres, injuring two AR jawans.
ENPO said that the incidents were totally contrary to the December 18, 2007 ‘Tuensang Summit Resolution’, which was based on popular public prayer and desire for peace and tranquillity within ENPO jurisdiction and based on peoples’ experience of years of hardships and violence.
ENPO cautioned groups/individual not to take advantage of the tolerance level of the public of eastern Nagaland. While asserting that the people of eastern Nagaland needed development instead of arm conflicts, ENPO warned that their land should not be targeted for firing or use it as a battle field.
It said that public of Eastern Nagaland would not tolerate violation of the popular Tuensang Summit Resolution or any kind violence, activities that would hamper peace in the area.
ENPO, therefore, once again appealed to all concerned to honour the sentiments of public for peace and tranquillity in the region.

KCS: The Konyak Civil Societies (KCS) under the aegis of Konyak Union (KU) outrightly condemned and expressed dismay over the firing incident at Nyasa Village, where AR personnel were fired upon by some underground groups (as reported by the locals).
In a joint statement, presidents of KU Tingthok Konyak, KNSK Ponglem Konyak and KSU T. Noklem Konyak said the incident took place in Konyak area despite repeated appeals and request to all parties to desist from such dastardly act.
KCS once again affirmed that Konyak areas shall not be used as battleground by any party.
KCS also appealed to all parties to uphold the ENPO resolution of December 18, 2007 in letter and in spirit.
At a time when human civilizations across the globe was yearning for peaceful resolution to conflicts of any nature, it was extremely unfortunate that violence had been used to make a point, KCS stated.
It said that violence in any form and nature cannot be condoned by the Konyak Nagas and therefore, KCS urged upon NSCN-K (YA) to refrain from violence and come to the table for peaceful resolution of the impending Naga issue.

NVC: Nyasa Village Council, Nyasa Students’ Union and Nyasa Citizens in general have strongly condemned the barbaric and coward act of the “self-styled insurgent factional group” for attacking the Assam Rifle troops in the heart of Nyasa village, injuring two AR personal injured. The organizations said that the incident has created a tense environment in the village on the eve of 75th Independence Day celebration.
In a joint statement, village council chairman Botai and president NSU, Z. Daniel warned that its citizens would impose non-cooperation towards any insurgent groups creating such situation in and around the village in the near future.

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