Thursday, November 30, 2023

2-day free football/registration camp ends in Kohima

The closing ceremony of the two-day free football/registration camp-cum-exhibition match in collaboration with Nagaland Sports Association organised by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Kohima and District Election Officer, Kohima was held at IG Stadium, Kohima on November 10.

According to a DIPR report, the Chief Electoral Officer Nagaland, Vyasan R. thanked the Nagaland Sports Association (NSA) for the efforts in taking the initiative across the State since the commencement of the initiative three months back. He also expressed his gratitude to the coaches from outside the country for their participation in the endeavour.

He said the endeavour of Election Commission of India (ECI) was to ensure electors participation from the youth, through this initiative and with the facility of registration booth made available for the eligible electors, they could able to attract many youths.
Vyasan encouraged the participants who were yet to register to get themselves enrolled in the E-Roll, that it would be the first step to participate in the election process and also to spread the message of participation in the electoral democracy.

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Deputy Commissioner & District Election Officer Kohima, Kumar Ramnikant said Kohima district has been facing problem in regard to urban and youth apathy, stating that the district registration for 18 and 19 years of age group was low, which was an alarming issue and requested the participants present to be a part of the democratic and use their voting right. He requested the participants who have crossed 18 years of age and yet to register for voting to avail the opportunity and get themselves enrolled at the registration booth facility set up at the venue. He also informed that they can go to NVSP portal or can take services of the DEO Office.

Joint Chief Electoral Officer & SVEEP Nodal Officer, Nagaland, Sharon Longchari, also spoke at the event while president of NSA Chistine presented the outcome of the camp carried out across the State.

The closing ceremony was chaired by assistant election officer Kohima, Olivi Thurr, while Keneisede Mere presented a special number and EAC Sadar & SVEEP nodal officer Kohima, Limakumla Pongener delivered the vote of thanks.


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