Friday, December 1, 2023

2-day NTCA annual meet concludes

The two-day 20th Annual General Conference of the Nagaland Theological College Association (NTCA) held at the Nagaland Bible College (NBC) at Kheokhu village concluded on Sunday with a clarion call to harness technology not merely as a convenience but as a conduit to exemplify faith and magnify the divine.

Held on the theme “Discipleship in the Digital Age: Navigating Technology and Faith” and under the aegis of the NBC, along with several esteemed institutions including LBC, AGTS, HBC, UTCS, and FABC, the conference delved into the complex dynamics between the rapid advancements of technology and the timeless tenets of faith.

Rev Dr TN Lotha led a prayer for both old and newly-appointed NTCA officials.
The new NTCA officials are Dr Alem Sangtam as president, Dr Renbi Rangthang as vice-president, Dr Otoka S as general secretary, M Sentinaro as assistant general secretary, David Khobung overseeing information & publicity, and Villa Kiewhuna as treasurer. The association has issued registration certificates to all member colleges.

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Saturday’s evening service led by DABA pastor Rev I Wati provided a discourse rooted in Romans 12:1, outlining five essential profiles of a disciple. These profiles ranged from surrendering to God and separating from worldly values and self-assessment to serving others in love and responding to evil with supernatural goodness.

Dr Tinumeren Ozukum, assistant professor at CTC, delivered a paper during Sunday morning session. His presentation “Approaches to Media and Religion in the Digital Age” offered insights into navigating communication methods for discipleship in today’s technologically-driven landscape. Sunday’s devotional service featured UTCM president Rev Dr Phuveyi Dozo, a pivotal figure in the NTCA since inception. He urged theological colleges to instil in students a spirit of differentiation, pushing them beyond comfort zones, emphasising the foundational significance of Bible-centred education.

Higher Education deputy director Dr Medongoi Rhakho, who attended the congregation as the guest of honour, underscored the essence of a transformative educational approach built upon the four fundamental pillars of learning – learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be.

He stressed on reshaping the education system, advocating a holistic learning approach that transcended the conventional dichotomy of winners and losers.
The concluding message delivered by Dr Eyingbeni Humtsoe-Nienu, principal of BTC, Pfutsero, explored the godly approach to technology through the lens of the Tower of Babel narrative in Genesis 11:1-9.

She emphasised aligning technological advancements with a purpose that glorified God, emphasising the perpetual reliance on God regardless of the age or technological progression. As the curtains drew on the conference, the indispensable need for discernment in utilising technology as a tool for the greater good always rooted in glorifying God and placing Him at the forefront of our lives was underscored. This was stated in a press release.


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