Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Atem, Wangtin appeal

DIMAPUR, JUNE 26 (NPN): NSCN representatives “General (Ret’d)” V. S. Atem, emissary to the collective leadership of NSCN and Y. Wangtin Naga, deputy kilonser, NSCN/GPRN who are currently attending the 2nd Naga Peace Summit at Chiangmai have jointly condemned the “excessive actions of cadres from both the NSCNs in attacking one another in the Dimapur area”.
Both the representatives in a joint mailed statement said such kind of escalation and violence was the main blockage. The two representatives stated they agreed that their cadres should go back to their respective camps and be confined there. Stating that the use of non-Naga armed groups against Nagas should be stopped, they said harbouring such groups should also be stopped. “Naga people are fighting for a single goal and therefore the feeling of oneness should be created amongst the Nagas through the spirit of forgiveness” they added in their statement.

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