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NSCN(I-M) overrun Vihokhu camp

Staff Reporter

Dimapur, June 26(NPN): A showdown turned to total rout after the NSCN (I-M) army personnel overran the headquarters of the rival “NSCN” at Vihokhu situated atop a hillock, Thursday morning with little resistance from the handful of defenders.
Most of the inmates that included scores of high ranking cadre-members and their retinue of armed bodyguards fled during Wednesday night on foot, leaving behind their vehicles as the link road had already been cut off by the NSCN (I-M) army personnel.
The NSCN (I-M) personnel ransacked the  entire camp  , burned down scores of hutments     along with  43 vehicles including a bull dozer.
 A total of seven dead bodies were recovered in and around the camp while two other bodies were recovered from Singrijan area, making it a total of nine killed in factional clashes during the past 24 hours.
At Vihokhu, IRB and Assam Rifles were prevented from entering the camp by the public while negotiations were on between the leader of the NSCN (I-M) group one ‘Major’ Viyito (Avi) with DMC chairperson Khekaho , the GBs and DBs and Sumi NGOs.
    Later, D.C Dimapur Maongwati held separate talks with ‘Maj’  Viyeto and ‘Maj’ Khehoto Sumi of NSCN (I-M) and ‘Brig’. Niki Sumi and ‘Col.’ Aheto of the “GPRN/NSCN” asking them to   return back to their designated camps, after which it was agreed to give time till 1 p.m.
Public from various neighbouring villages arrived and began marching towards the camp after a short prayer and shouting slogans, ‘we want peace’, ‘vacate the camp’ ‘No more bloodshed of your own brothers’.
  DMC Chairperson Khekaho Assumi took the initiative to negotiate with ‘Major’ Viyeto Chishi commanding the section that took control of the rival’s camp.
‘Major’ Viyeto speaking in Sumi, told the public “today we were compelled to do what we had done as the camp is not recognized by the government   of India as a designated camp, so we had to destroy it”. He also responded to the public demand to vacate the camp by saying that “we didn’t come to stay here”.
While leaving ‘Maj’ Viyito thanked the DC, S.P, DMC Chairperson, GB’s & DB’s and all the public and the villagers for giving them the time to re-group their personnel.
He also cautioned public about live bombs etc. While leaving he requested the public to take care of the dead bodies of any cadre.
It was by 12.30 p.m. that the public, police, admistration could enter the burned down camp.
According to SDPO Dimapur Sunget jamir, the villagers had identified five among the seven whose bodies were recovered while two could not be identified.  Around 60 houses and 43 vehicles were burned down. As a precautionary measure one company of IRB had been deployed in the area. 
Seven who were killed included: Bedhel, (“NSCN-K”) son of Halom;  Viyiho  (NSCN-K) son of Vishihe;  Vitoho , (NSCN-K) s/o Asukhu;  John Mansang (I-M);  Joshua Pochury (NSCN-K) and two whose bodies were yet to be identified. 
The injured was identified as-  Khaketo (NSCN-K)
Vehicles torched included; Maruti Alto – (2), Gypsy- (14), Bolero- (12),  Maruti van- (2)
Tata- Indica- (1), Maruti car- (7), Honda city-(1), Bike(3), TVS ‘Intake’ – (1) and  Bull-dozer- (1).
In another incident Police on Thursday morning recovered two dead bodies, one at Tsetrongse Village and the other one near Singrijan bridge. The deceased were identified as ‘Sergeant Major’ Daniel Pochury ,son of  Kholo Pochury of Akhwego Village under Meluri PS and ‘ Capt.’  Ikishe Sumi son of  Khumtsa of Khumtsa Village.  Police said that both the victims were shot in their head. Both the bodies were later handed over to relatives.

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