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Governor fetes HSLC, HSSLC toppers

Governor, K. Sankaranarayanan on Tuesday felicitated the toppers of HSLC and HSSLC for the year 2006-08 at Raj Bhavan, Kohima.
An official bulletin said that while speaking on the occasion, the governor congratulated the toppers as well as the parents and teachers stating that it is a time to be contended with the achievements as well as time to reflect upon the future and what the achievements can lead to.
‘One of the fastest ways to comfortable career and life is to go in for professional education,’ the Governor said.
He however lamented that there are very few opportunities for the same within Nagaland but hoped that an Engineering College and a Medical College would be set up soon for the benefit of the students.
“For those who are leaving their homes and hometowns for education in colleges outside were at a very important milestone in their careers,” the governor said at the same time encouraged them to remember the good lessons taught by parents and elders at home and to follow it.
The Governor also said that career options in the last few years have expanded and multiplied immensely.
He said that there are new and better options in the field of management, marketing, banking, insurance, telecom, accounting, finance and numerous careers in the service industry that encompasses Hotel management, Airlines, Call Centers, BPOs and others and encouraged the students to go for these career options and make the most of available opportunities.
The Governor urged the Board officials and heads of institutions to continue in their untiring efforts in order to improve the quality of education in the state.
 “Many of the toppers of yesteryears have served this state and the nation in various capacities and in numerous fields,” the governor said.
Along with knowledge, the governor urged the officials to impart values in the students so that that the state do not only produce brilliant students but also citizens who have the qualities to take over the reins of the society tomorrow.
The Governor awarded 12 gold medals to the following toppers:
1.     Moushumi Chanda ( Science Stream, HSSLC Examination 2006)
    Pranab Vidyapith Higher secondary School, Dimapur.
2.      Kumari Rajani Jha ( Arts Stream HSSLC Examination 2006)
    Ministers’ Hill Baptist Higher Secondary School, Kohima
3.  Ravi Agarwal ( Commerce Stream, HSSLC Examination 2006)
    S.D.Jain Higher Secondary School, Dimapur.
4.     Urmila Dey ( HSLC Examination 2006)
    Chandmari Higher Secondary School, Kohima.
5.     Rakesh Bonik ( Science Stream, HSSLC Examination 2007)
    Pranab Vidyapith Higher secondary School, Dimapur.
6.     Parciush R.Marak ( Arts Stream HSSLC Examination 2007)
        St Joseph’s College, Jakhama
7.     Nebadita Mukherjee ( Commerce Stream, HSSLC Examination 2007)
    Pranab Vidyapith Higher secondary School, Dimapur.
8.     Orenthung Kikon ( HSLC Examination 2007)
    Mezhur Higher Secondary School, Kohima.
9.     Aditya Pradhan ( Science Stream, HSSLC Examination 2008)
    Kohima Science College, Jotsoma
10.     Pannyim Konyak ( Arts Stream HSSLC Examination 2008)
    Modern College, Kohima
11. Pritee Agarwal ( Commerce Stream, HSSLC Examination 2008)
    S.D.Jain Girls’ College, Dimapur.
12.    Debasish Chowdhury ( HSLC Examination 2008)
    Pranab Vidyapith Higher secondary School, Dimapur.

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