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Tuluni festival celebrated across Nagaland

Tuluni, the prime festival of the Sumi community was Tuesday celebrated across the State with joy and traditional fervor amidst colourful cultural performances. A pre-harvest festival, people on this occasion also finds another opportunity to forgive and forget past differences and exchange food delicacies from one family to another.
In Dimapur, major Tuluni celebrations were reported at Sema Tila, Khushiabill, Naharbari and NSCN (I-M) general headquarters Hebron with MLAs Hewoto Awomi, Azheto Zhimomi and DMC member, Vikheho Awomi as chief guests and guest of honour. MLA K L Chishi also attended the programme.
In Hebron, the festival was organized by Sumi National Worker’s Welfare Committee, Hebron where NSCN (I-M) leaders, public and GBs of nearby villages attended the programme.
Convenor, Steering Committee, Qhevihe Chishi speaking on the significance of Tuluni fest articulated that the Nagas could no more relive the past in terms of clothing and other living styles in the same way as practiced by our forefathers since the present society has advanced far beyond that contemporary society. He however emphasized on the need to keep alive their ways of living through enactment in plays and skits.
“Kilonser” FEM, Q. Tuccu, conveyed Tuluni greetings from NSCN (I-M) chairman, Isak Chishi Swu. Delivering the welcome address Tuccu emphasized on the day as a day to forgive each other and come together for a feast.
Highlights of the programme included presentation of folk songs and dances, special numbers and cultural performances that culminated with a grand feast.
Sumi Community of New Ministers’ Hill Kohima also celebrated the festival at Tourist Lodge, Kohima with Qhukiye Aye as the main speaker. The speaker rued that the youth particularly those living in town lacked the rich cultural and traditional value of the forefathers and urged the gathering to preserve and promote the identity through such festival. Other highlights of the gala included folk song by the men folk, special song followed by community feast.
Meanwhile, reports were also received from various districts throughout the state where the festival was celebrated with fun and joy showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the tribe. The festival showcased the rich cultural heritage of the Sumi tribe.

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