Saturday, February 24, 2024

Divine Connection’s ‘EL ROI’ launched

‘El Roi’, the debut album of Divine Connection was officially released Friday evening at Hotel Japfü by Gugs Chishi, Director of Music Task Force. Launching their album, the members of Divine Connection let out the message that good music can be enjoyed by all without indulging oneself in drugs, alcohol, sex, etc.    
The chief guest for the evening, Gugs Chishi, said that the talent pull of Nagaland was no less than the rest of the world, and asserted on the need of music promoters to support musicians to the professional level. He encouraged the Divine Connection team to persistently uphold their commitment to seek excellence in everything.
 Speaking on the making of the album, Studio Engineer Alfred Besu affirmed that “El Roi” was a result of hard work. He said though faced with trials, the faith and conviction of the band members drove them in making the album into reality. He added that music is a serious affair and needs a lot of conviction.
An album of hybrid music, ‘El Roi” offers ten songs and is priced at Rs.200. The music album was recorded at Clef Ensemble. The Sponsors of the music album include Gravity, Space-M, United Colours of Benetton, Encore, K-Lounge, Big Bite, Spark. 
Meanwhile, the band members in a release has expressed gratitude to all the musicians whose names have not been mentioned for contributing towards the much needed work for launching the debut album. The band has specially thanked Alfred, who sacrificed in all his capacity in making the First Demo Recordings at the studio where all band members equally contributed their best effort with enthusiasm. The band has also thanked Music task Force of Nagaland and further appealed for more transparency in engaging every individual’s involvement in the band. “As anticipated, much credit goes to Mhathung for directing most of the work which resulted in the outcome of the band’s effort”, it added.

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