Wednesday, February 21, 2024

SMS threat to lady officer condemned

Various unions and associations have condemned the death threat issued via SMS to secretary, Nagaland Public service Commission (NPSC) Mrs. Dellirose Sakhrie.
The Khonoma Rüffüno Nagaland (KRN) in a press release issued by president Dr. Kedozeto Pünyü and general secretary Vihu Meyase, said KRN cannot remain a mute spectator when the life of one of its bonafide members as well as her family was threatened for no rhyme or reason.
“Mrs. Dellirose Sakhrie was born from another tribe, but by her marriage with a respectable Khonoma citizen for 22 years, her credential as an Angami citizen is proved beyond doubt,” KRN said.
KRN said the ominous and terrifying evil gimmick, perpetually threatening somebody’s life just because the person was occupying an important designated office as a government officer, was against humanity and devoid of all sense of decency and healthy human relations.
While expressing that all sensible people should work hand in hand and make concerted effort to promote peaceful co-existence of all sections of people, KRN also said it was the bounden duty of the State government to do justice and protect on of its efficient and dedicated officers.
The Nagaland Civil Service Association (NCSA) in a press release issued by president Lithrongla G Chishi and general secretary Alem Jongshi said sending death threats to one of its members, besides intimidating even the family and children of the NPSC secretary was a cowardly act and one that cannot be allowed in any civil society.
“As Government Servants we all work and function under certain laid down norms and rules. If we err while discharging our duties, appropriate authorities are there to take action against any erring officials,” NCSA pointed out.
The association demanded the government to immediately investigate into the matter and to provide necessary security to the officer and her family till the culprits were booked.
The Concerned Citizens’ Forum Mokokchung (CCFM) has also expressed shock over death threats served to a Naga lady officer.
CCFM convenor Tsupong Longchar and co-convenor Moa Longkumer,through  a press release said the culture of threatening through letters or intimidating through telephone was “disgraceful and against Naga tradition”.
Urging the person or group responsible to resolve any grievances in a proper way, CCFM also cautioned the Naga people not to approach the issue on tribal lines. It urged upon all to treat it as a “precedence that is blatantly anti-Naga in character and take positive steps towards curbing such dangerous elements.”

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