Saturday, February 24, 2024

35 defect to NSCN (I-M)

Following the defection of senior NSCN (K) leader AZ Jami along with ten others from Lotha region, the NSCN (I-M) has welcomed another thirty five activists from the rival faction who have recently joined the NSCN (I-M). According to a press release issued by MIP/GPRN, the names of “home comers” and the regions include:
Corpl. Nitoho Awomi (UT-1), Sgt. Imtinungsang (Ao), L.Corpl. Luvehe Achumi (Sumi), Corpl. Throngkise (USR), L. Corpl. Moses (M-TH), Private Ningkhan (WTR), Corpl. Ngulih Wangso (Konyak), Captain Vikiye (Sumi), 2nd Lieut. Yangkhoching (Kuki), Corpl. Gimming Vaiphei (Kuki), L. Corpl Lalcha Vaiphei (Kuki), Corpl. Thanglal Taothang (Kuki), L.Corpl P.Youngpanthong (Tikhir), Private Satya Ranjan (Pangmi), Private Holto Swu (UT-1), Sgt. Tako Angh (Phom), Sgt. Kamthing Dilbung (Khurmi), 2nd Lieut. Amongba Keps (Tikhir), Private Ijeto (Sumi), L.Corpl (Lotha), Captain Imti Sangba Longchar (Ao), L.Corpl Yangchumba (Chang), Lieut. Vikato Kiba (UT-1), 2nd Lieut.Ghokiye Kiini (UT-1), Lieut. Hewoto Yeptho (Sumi), L.Corpl Kholi Kayina (Spmth), S/Major Malnon Sangkhil (Khurmi), Katoho Awomi (Sumi), Izaho Chophy (Sumi), Kizheye Assumi (Sumi), Lieut. Isato (Sumi), Lieut. Khukiye (Sumi), Rajau Peyu Rankhang (UT-1), S/Major Botovi Sumi (UT-1) and Lieut. Hakaito Sumi (Sumi).

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