Wednesday, February 21, 2024

CMO reacts to NSCN (K)

Reacting to NSCN (K) emissary Kughalu Mulatonu’s statement that the State chief minister, Home minister and DGP would be held responsible in the event of breakdown of ceasefire between the Government of India and NSCN (K), the Chief Minister’s secretariat has clarified that the question of the chief minister or any organ of the State government being responsible for breakdown of ceasefire did not arise.
The Chief Minister’s secretariat in a press release said it was clearly known to one and all that the ceasefire was between the underground groups and the Government of India and that the State government had no direct role to play in the ceasefire and the political dialogue.
“However, the DAN Government has time and again made public of its role of active facilitator in the peace process. In fact, it is the State Government which is one of the loudest advocators for the talks to be expedited and that the underground factions and the GoI should listen to the voice of the people,” the release said.
It also reiterated the State Government’s commitment to pave way in the event of any alternative arrangement reached after logical conclusion of the Naga political dialogue.
“The State Government once again appeals to the underground leaders to heed to the call of civil societies and listen to the cry of the people, if they are sincere in their stand that they are working for permanent peace and for the cause of the Naga people,” the release added.
It may be mentioned the NSCN (K) Tuesday said the outfit was seriously considering scrapping the peace deal because of the Centre’s lack of sincerity.
According to a report carried in The Telegraph, Mulatonu said over phone that “discussions are on among our leaders, including chairman S.S. Khaplang and prime minister Kitovi Zhimoni, to abrogate the eight-year-old truce with the Centre due to the indifferent approach of the leaders in dealing with the issues of the NSCN (K)”.
The outfit has been on a ceasefire with Delhi since April 2001 but there have been no talks yet.

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