Thursday, February 22, 2024

Death threat flayed

Taking strong exception to the death threat hurled at chief minister Neiphiu Rio, Home minister Imkong L. Imchen and State DGP K. Changkija by emissary of the ‘GPRN/NSCN (K)’ Kughalu Mulatonu, the Angami Public Organization (APO) and Ao Senden have demanded immediate withdrawal of the death threat by the authority concerned. APO and Ao Senden in a joint press release also demanded to know whether the threat was served by Mulatonu in his personal capacity or by the GPRN/NSCN (K) as a whole.
Condemning the threat, APO and Ao Senden felt that such threats against “our own people will simply spark the feeling of tribalism at this juncture.” “We are of the strong view that such cult of violence is destructive to the nation, because violent means always leads to destructive ends. There is neither inspiration nor replenishment in violence. Glorifying violence is tragic and horrible. It is opposed to our heritage of goodwill and peaceful co-existence. It is an affront to humanity at large and our tribes in particular,” the two tribal bodies said.
Stating that non-violence and peaceful co-existence held the key to survival of the Nagas as a people in the present millennium, APO and Ao Senden also appealed to the Naga leadership in general to “rise to a higher level of ethics and human relationship rather than leaning on to the cult of violence as an article of faith.”

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