Tuesday, February 20, 2024

DMC cleanliness drive continues

As the 2nd phase of the DMC ‘Operation Demolition’ came to an end for a while, the DMC began its third phase of cleanliness drive, where hundreds of Dimapur Ao Students Union and well wishers on Saturday took active part in showing their solidarity.
The Cleanliness Drive started at Nagarjan junction and culminated at Deluxe Point. Over the new Flyover Bridge, Dimapur Fire Service Department assisted the participants by rendering two fire tenders in cleaning the road through the help of which, water was sprinkled over the road and blocked drainage and culverts were cleared up.
Sajung Sanglir president of Ao Students Union Dimapur, told this reporter that “Dimapur has become our home town and as a citizen of Dimapur, it is our duty to contribute in some way towards beautification of the city under taken by the DMC under initiative of Khekaho Assumi.”
DMC Councilors has also appealed the general public to come forward in the beautification of Dimapur city and reminded all concern Department to follow suit.

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