Sunday, February 25, 2024

Wangyuh defends voting for UPA

In the wake of both criticisms as well as praises for voting in favour of the UPA Government in the trust vote on the Indo-US nuclear deal, the lone Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland Wangyuh Konyak has given a long list of reasons on why he voted against the NPF party’s directive in the trust vote.
The MP in a press release said that when he asked NPF president Dr. Shurhozelie whether the party had debated on the merit or demerit of the nuclear deal issue before issuing the directive to vote against the UPA government, Shurhozelie replied that the party had not debated on the issue.
“NPF just wanted me to vote against UPA government without giving any reason except talking of imposition of President’s Rule in Nagaland,” Wangyuh said.
With his limited knowledge on the nuclear deal, Wangyuh said he had approached “senior leaders” in Delhi to know more about the deal and was later convinced that the nuclear deal was with an objective to provide uninterrupted power supply to every home, every industry and every life.
“I am convinced that it is in the interest of growth of national economy and I believe the deal will directly and indirectly benefit the people of Nagaland too,” he said.
The MP also said he voted in UPA’s favour on the assurance given to him and his colleague Mani Charenamei by the Prime Minister to reconstitute the State Reorganization Commission fro rectification of common minimum programme (CMP) with special reference to North-Eastern states, and UPA’s commitment to expedite the ongoing Naga peace process to arrive at a final settlement.
Wangyuh further said the Prime Minsiter had given commitment for announcement of special economic package for Nagaland besides assuring to announce a similar package for Nagas living in Myanmar.
The MP said considering the fact that Nagaland was a non-resources State and fully dependent on Central Government, he had taken all these reasons into consideration and decided to vote for the UPA and to act as bridge between the Central Government and State to maintain good relationship for betterment of Nagas.
“If all these points are against the Government and the NPF Party, I am liable for disciplinary action for violation of Party directives given to me on 9th July 2008, which I am ready to accept gracefully,” Wangyuh said.

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