Thursday, February 22, 2024

Changkiri grateful

Changkiri Kidong has expressed gratitude to DC Mokokchung, Ao Senden, ABAM, villages and churches, various NGOs, institutions, groups and individuals for their love, care and concern shown to Changkiri clan during the period when the clan members were forced to seek refuge and protection outside Changki village. “Your visits, your words of encouragement and prayer and your sincere concern gave us strength in the knowledge that there are people who care. It also strengthened and affirmed our confidence that God will never forsake us,” stated a press release issued by Changkiri Kidong president Imtajenba, GB.
Changkiri Kidong said the concern and care shown by district administration, various individuals and groups, would always be cherished and permanently recorded in the history of Changkiri clan.

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