Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Curtain falls on ‘Colours of theatre’

An intensive theatre workshop, titled ‘Colours of Theatre’, concluded at Durbar Hall Raj Bhavan, Kohima, on Saturday with governor K Sankaranarayanan giving away the certificates to the participants of the 45-day intensive theatre workshop.
Presentation of abridged versions of ‘Technicolor Dreams’ (a contextual play in Nagamese), ‘A Doll’s House’ (a Nagamese adaptation by Susan Waten & Allen Imsong) and ‘Scapin of the scoundrel’ by Moliere, a 17th century Italian playwright, were the main highlights of the valedictory programme.
In his address, the governor congratulated the National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi, and North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC), Dimapur, for organizing the Colours of theatre workshop and well as the participants for taking keen interest in the programme.
“Such workshops give an opportunity to talented youth to learn the intricacies of theatre and also helps nurture latent talent,” he said.
Sankaranarayanan also said the rich cultural tradition and folklore of the Nagas including their dances and music have inherent theatrical elements in them. He hoped that the workshop would not only benefit the participants but also expose the talent and potential of Naga youths to the experts of NSD.
“Today due to the cultural onslaught of electronic media, interest of youth in theatre has come down, but it still holds a great promise in conveying emotions and socially relevant messages to a large section of people in the most effective manner,” he added.
Referring to “A Doll’s House and Technicolour Dreams,” Sankaranarayanan said the play might be a first exposure for many to the world of theatre and it must have taught them as to the number of things that go into producing a good play.
He said it was encouraging to note that Technicolour Dreams was a reflection of what the youth think of the State and that the play could become very popular if staged in other districts of Nagaland.
Lauding NEZCC for playing a key role in promoting the culture and tradition of the region and blending it with the modern art forms, the governor added “what we require is a more active involvement of people in general so that the society appreciates the effort that goes in producing such plays which are true gems of creativity.”
Earlier, senior professor, NSD, Robin Das gave a brief introduction of the workshop, while Director, NEZCC, Dimapur, V. Hekali Zhimomi proposed vote of thanks.

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