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Aos celebrate Tsüngremmong

Tsüngremmong, the pre-harvest festival of the Ao tribe was celebrated with fanfare and gaiety in various parts of the State on Saturday.
In Kohima, the celebration was held at Kisama Heritage village, which was graced by Home Minister Imkong L. Imchen, minister for PHED Dr. Ngangshi K. Ao and former Opposition leader and Congress MLA I. Imkong.
The festivity organized by the Kohima Aor Telongjem (KAT) was marked by traditional dances, songs, games and feast.
Home minister Imkong L. Imchen in his address called upon the Ao community to be united and lead the society with truthfulness, humility and courage. He urged them not to disregard anyone but pass on their education and knowledge to the people. ‘We should inculcate the spirit of brotherhood among the Nagas,’ he said. Imchen further encouraged one and all to contribute in the peace process for eradication of bloodshed in the land.
Congress MLA I. Imkong urged the younger generation to preserve the culture and significance of the past. Stating that the festival was a time to seek for God’s blessings and to forgive one another, Imkong said the festive spirit should also be applied in everyday life.
He urged the youngsters to not to be self-seeking but work dedicatedly for the welfare of the people. On development policies and Naga political issue, Imkong said the people should take initiative in putting those visions into reality.
Minister for PHED, Dr. Ngangshi K. Ao exhorted the gathering to wisely utilize their God-given talents for the welfare of the people. Dr. Ao encouraged them to set good examples and be good leaders to lead the society and to bring about change. He further urged all to be grateful for what they have.
Highlights of the festival included presentation of traditional songs and dances by different villages and cultural troupes.
The Riongsanger Yimsusur, Chuchuyimpang Village under Mokokchung district also celebrated Tsungremmong festival with president, Mokokchung NPF youth division and municipal advisor, Moasangba Jamir, as the chief guest. Moasangba in his address called upon the people, especially the youths, to preserve their rich culture.

In Dimapur, the Langpangkong Senso Telonjem Dimapur (LSTD) celebrated Tsüngremmong at DDSC Stadium with chairman NIDC, Nuklutoshi, MLA, as the chief guest.
Addressing the festive gathering, Nuklutoshi praised the people Langpangkokng range for their achievements in various fields, especially political. He said Langpangkokng people laid more importance on “road and union” and some of the works done by them included village roads, village elementary schools, village bazaars, games and sports and village courts.
Nuklutoshi also said if one looked at the folk songs sang by the forefathers of Langpangkong, most of the songs talked about the future of the youths and the works done by their forefathers.
Pointing out that the revival of Tuli Paper mill would bring employment opportunities to the Langpangkong, he appealed to the range people to co-operate with the government for all-round development.
Former minister and sitting MLA Sentichuba also addressed the celebration.
The celebration was marked by presentation of folk songs and dances and culminated with a grand community feast.

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